How much is the Kazakhstan Minimum Wage 2024? Kazakhstan Occupations and Salaries 2024

How much is the Kazakhstan Minimum Wage 2024? Kazakhstan Occupations and Salaries 2024. Those who want to gather information about Kazakhstan are also researching questions such as Kazakhstan Occupations and Salaries 2024, Kazakhstan Cost of Living, Can you live on minimum wage in Kazakhstan? Let’s learn all the curious things together…

How much is the Kazakhstan Minimum Wage 2024

In this article for those who want to work abroad and those who are curious about the salaries of different countries, we will try to give information about Kazakhstan Minimum Wage 2024 and Kazakhstan cost of living, Kazakhstan sought-after professions and salaries 2024. Kazakhstan, one of the most remarkable countries of Central Asia, has many natural resources. However, since it cannot extract these natural resources, it has become dependent on foreign countries. Therefore, there are many investors in the country.

Kazakhstan has a state-mandated minimum wage and no worker in Kazakhstan can be paid less than this mandatory minimum wage rate. Employers in Kazakhstan who fail to pay the Minimum Wage can be penalized by the Kazakhstan government. Kazakhstan’s Minimum Wage is the lowest amount that a worker can legally be paid for their work.

Kazakhstan Minimum Wage 2024 is 60 thousand tenge. Kazakhstan’s currency, the tenge, is in a very low range against the dollar. For this reason, when the question of how many dollars is the Minimum Wage in Kazakhstan on a dollar basis is evaluated, a very low figure can be encountered. The daily working time in the country is 8 hours. In case of overtime, additional wages are paid according to the working hours.

Kazakhstan Occupations and Salaries 2024

Accountant 284.000 KZT .
Accounting assistant 225.000 KZT
Accounting Manager 576,000 KZT
Accountant . 192.000 KZT
Certified accountant 356,000 KZT
Corporate Treasurer . 562.000 KZT
Financial Analyst 500,000 KZT
Finance Manager 808,000 KZT
Internal auditor 382,000 KZT
Administration / Reception / Secretariat

Executive Assistant 206,000 KZT
Office Manager . 351,000 KZT .
Receptionist 147,000 KZT
Secretary 171,000 KZT
Advertising / Graphic Design / Events

Art Director 384,000 KZT
Creative director 412,000 KZT
Graphic Designer . 249.000 KZT
photographer 224,000 KZT
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Aeronautics / Defense

Aeronautical engineer 495,000 KZT
Air traffic controller 429,000 KZT .
Flight attendant 276,000 KZT
Pilot 656,000 KZT
Architect .

Architect 485.000 KZT
CAD Draft . 194,000 KZT

Mechanic . 156.000 KZT
Service Advisor 265,000 KZT

Bank Branch Manager 734.000 KZT .
teller 152.000 KZT.
bilingual .

Teacher . 299.000 KZT
Translator 356,000 KZT
Business planning

Business analyst 478,000 KZT .
Business Development Manager . 655.000 KZT
Project Manager 455,000 KZT
Care Giving and Child Care .

Nanny 160,000 KZT
Nursery Teacher 146.000 KZT .
Construction / Construction / Assembly

Civil engineer 370.000 KZT
Construction Project Manager 686,000 KZT .
Health and Safety Officer 171,000 KZT
Customer Service and Call Center

Call Center Representative . 146.000 KZT .
Customer Service Manager . 518,000 KZT
Customer Service Representative 146,000 KZT

Electrical engineer 406.000 KZT.
Engineer 360.000 KZT
mechanical engineer 382.000 KZT
Executive and Management .

Chief executive 936,000 KZT
Finance Director . 836,000 KZT
General Manager 672,000 KZT
Food / Hospitality / Tourism / Catering

Chief 237.000 KZT
Executive chef 279,000 KZT
Hotel manager 720,000 KZT
Travel agency 255,000 KZT
Waiter . 129.000 KZT
Health and Medicine

Dentist 940,000 KZT
Dietitian . 803,000 KZT .
Laboratory technician 303.000 KZT
Nurse . 312.000 KZT
Human Resources .

Human Resources Manager 576,000 KZT
Human Resources Officer . 240.000 KZT
Information Technology

Computer technician 317.000 KZT
Database administrator 387,000 KZT .
Developer / Programmer 382,000 KZT
Information technology manager 680,000 KZT
Network Engineer 345,000 KZT
Law Enforcement / Security / Fire

Police officer 238.000 KZT .
Legal .

Lawyer 764.000 KZT
Legal Assistant 208,000 KZT
Media / Publishing / Arts / Entertainment . .
Journalist 468,000 KZT
Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Biomedical engineer 330.000 KZT
Pharmacist 500,000 KZT
Sales Retail and Wholesale

cashier 156.000 KZT.
Sales Manager 683.000 KZT
Sales Representative . 260.000 KZT
Teaching / Education .
Primary school teacher 267.000 KZT
Secondary school teacher . 319.000 KZT

Kazakhstan Economy

Kazakhstan, which has the largest and strongest performing economy in Central Asia, although economically inferior to many countries, supports its economy with its rich natural resources, animal husbandry and agriculture. Kazakhstan, one of the countries that supported the economy of the Soviet Union the most, implemented the IMG’s Shock Therapy policy after gaining its independence and became dependent on foreign countries in many areas.

The country, which has developed itself with its developing economy over time, has revitalized its trade with the rise in crude oil prices. The country also exports livestock, textiles and wheat. The country, which develops its work and economic policies in all these areas, offers salaries in different ranges to professional groups in Kazakhstan Minimum Wage figures.

The devaluation of the tenge against the dollar is a situation that reduces the living standards of employees. The country, which brings living standards to a certain level with the work of several people from the same family, is the country with the best investment environment in the region for foreign investments.

Kazakhstan Food and Grocery Prices

The average fuel cost of a family in Kazakhstan is 14-15 thousand tenge per month. A person shopping for vegetables has to spend 20 thousand tenge on average. These vegetables are products such as potatoes, onions, carrots and beets. A kilogram of beef is almost 2,500-2,800 tenge.

Bills such as water and electricity require a monthly expenditure of 30 thousand tenge. Meat prices in the country are seriously expensive. The price of 1 liter of milk is equivalent to 300-350 tenge. The price of 30 eggs corresponds to 1360-1370 tenge. A kilogram of sugar is sold for 280-300 tenge.

Life in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, officially the Republic of Kazakhstan, is an independent Turkic state in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Kazakhstan is one of the seven current independent Turkic states (along with Azerbaijan, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, and Turkmenistan) and a member of the Turkic Council and TURKSOY. With an area of 2,727,300 km2 (the area of Western Europe), it is the ninth largest country in the world.

It is the largest in terms of area and the richest in terms of natural resources among Muslim countries and Turkic states. Kazakhstan has been the epicenter of states such as Saka, Hun, Gokturk, Kipchak, Qarakhanid, Golden Army, which are important states of Turkish history, and the cradle of Turkish tribes such as Kipchak, Oghuz and Karluk. Its neighbors are Russia to the north, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to the south, and the People’s Republic of China to the east. The country is also bordered by the Caspian Sea and Lake Aral.

Kazakhstan’s population, which was 16,464,464 in 1989 towards independence, decreased to 14,900,000 in 1999 due to the emigration of Slavs and Germans. In 2010, this number increased to 16,500,000.

The city of Almaty in Kazakhstan, also known as Little Dubai. The houses are planned as if drawn with a ruler. Almaty streets are very well planned, there are irrigation canals, trees, sidewalks, green areas on the right and left sides of the streets. When you walk on the sidewalk, cars do not pass right next to you, there are no houses zero to the street, everywhere is green, there is no parking problem, so there is not much of a parked car image visible from the outside.

Kazakhstan Culture

Let’s talk a little bit about the food culture. It should be noted right away that there is no horse meat or horse milk everywhere, and red meat is not very expensive because the country’s agriculture and animal husbandry is at an advanced level. Vegetables and fruits are the same. Their currency is Tenge, and when we calculate in Turkish lira, 1 Turkish lira is approximately 85 Tenge.

House rents vary according to everyone’s budget, the features they are looking for and the location of the house. For a student house, very nice houses can be found for an average of 400-500 dollars. It is very economical when 2-3-4 students stay together. Since the houses are usually furnished, it is possible to rent the house and settle in immediately. For those coming from Turkey, there is no need to bring anything extra.

Is life in Kazakhstan expensive? Although it may seem expensive to you at first, after a few time, your life will become more normalized as you learn where to buy what and how much to pay for what. Still, there is no point in buying clothes and household goods unless you need them very much. The most necessary thing to bring is clothes. And if you are a tea drinker, we recommend you to bring a teapot… Taxis are not expensive, gasoline is cheap after all.

But compared to the bus, a taxi is of course more expensive, the choice is yours. For a student from abroad, especially from Turkey, life in Kazakhstan is not very difficult. Many people in the country speak Turkish. The average monthly cost of living in Kazakhstan for a student is around 400 dollars.

About Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan appeared on political maps in 1991 and is located at the center of Eurasia. The word Kazakh, which originated in Turkish, is thought to mean “free man”, an apt description given that this nickname has historically been applied to a group of freedom-loving nomads.

For thousands of years, these nomads herded large herds of cattle and cultivated the rich soils of the region’s hillsides and river valleys. The historic Silk Road and the Spice Route, both of which shipped valuable furs, both passed through the region, making Kazakhstan an important cultural, commercial and economic bridge between Asia and Europe.

Kazakhstan Attractions

Due to the large area of Kazakhstan, the state is divided into 14 regions. The population is approximately 19 million. When the map of Kazakhstan is examined, it will be seen that it has territories both in Europe and Asia. It is the state with the best economy among the Turkic states and in Central Asia. This is due to the underground reserves in the country. Natural gas, oil, uranium and many other resources have caused Kazakhstan to grow and develop. In addition, agriculture and animal husbandry also occupy a large place in the country’s economy.

Kazakhstan is worth seeing because of its multicultural life and natural beauties. Visa-free travel is allowed for 30 days for Turkish citizens. Although the country has no official religion, 70% of the people are Muslim, 26% are Christian, 0.2% are Buddhist and 0.1% belong to other religious beliefs. The country is officially bilingual: Kazakh and Russian. It is surrounded by Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China. It has no border with Mongolia. The capital is Astana, although the best known and largest city is Almaty.

The name of Astana was changed to Nur Sultan in 2019. This name was given in honor of the first President Nur Sultan Nazarbayev due to his departure from office. Kazakhstan, which still keeps the nomadic Turkish culture alive, literally means the country of travelers.

Kazakhstan Must-See Attractions

Turks, Mongols and Russians lived in Kazakhstan. With the influence of these cultures, there are many historical places to visit. Kazakhstan has 3 important cultural heritage sites on the Unesco World Heritage list. The historical sites in Kazakhstan are Korgalzhyn and Nauryzumsky reserves, Khoja Ahmed Yesevi mausoleum, Petroglyphs in Tamgali archaeological museum.

1. Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmad Yassavi: It was built by Timur in the 14th century in Turkestan, Kazakhstan. The people of the neighborhood built their houses with a maximum of two floors and did not exceed the height of this mausoleum, showing their respect for Khoja Ahmed Yassawi in this way. The tomb is dazzling with its green tile coating and patterns.

2. Hazret Sultan Mosque: This is the largest mosque in Central Asia, although its history is not very old. It is located in the capital and was built in the name of Khoja Ahmed Yassavi, also known as Hazret Sultan.

3. Zenkov Cathedral: Also known as Almaty Ascension Cathedral. Known as the second tallest wooden structure in the world, the Russian Orthodox Cathedral is a must-see with its colorful appearance and design.

4. Nur Astana Mosque: Located in the capital, it is a mosque that amazes with its appearance and the meaning in its architecture. Its 40-meter height symbolizes the age of Prophet Muhammad when he became a prophet and its 63-meter minaret symbolizes the death of Prophet Muhammad. Its white and golden appearance is worth seeing.

5. The Man in the Golden Robe: An armor made of gold was found buried near the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan. It is thought to date from the 5th century BC and belonged to an 18-year-old saka prince or princess.

6. Tamgali Petroglyphs: Near the city of Almaty, figures such as humans, goats and deer have been found drawn on rocks, most of which date back to 3000 BC.

Natural Beauties to Visit in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s climate is continental. Summers are mild and winters are very cold. Precipitation is scarce. Kazakhstan is home to stunningly beautiful mountain, lake and desert landscapes. Therefore, Kazakhstan natural wonders are quite numerous. The vast lands of Kazakhstan have been the lands where Turkic tribes have lived for many years. Kazakhstan is a country one-third covered with mountains. It also has a coast to the Caspian Sea. The capital Astana is also known as the river of flying people because of the images formed in winter due to its arid climate and wind.

1. Lake Balkhash: It is the 2nd largest lake in Central Asia. It is an interesting lake consisting of fresh water on the west and salt water on the east.

2. Ball Stone Valleys: Many legends are told about this valley. There are several large ball-shaped rocks in the valley and research is being done on how they were formed.

3. Korgalzyhn Biosphere Reserve: Protected as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, it is an ecological region with many bird species and various animals. It is located near the capital Astana and it is possible to see most bird species in warm weather.

4. Lake Kaindly: This natural wonder, which means landslide lake, is a forest under water. Located 130 km east of Almaty, the lake was formed by the accumulation of river water after a limestone landslide. This caused many trees to remain in the lake. It is a must-visit area for divers in winter.

5. Kyzylkum Desert: Kyzylkum Desert, one of the largest deserts in the world located in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, is also located between the Seyhun and Ceyhun rivers.

6. Medeu ice rink: Near the city of Almaty is the world’s largest high mountain skating rink. Ice skating competitions have been held here and many world records have been achieved.

7. Lake Aral: It used to be known as the 4th largest lake in the world, located on the borders of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, but the lake has been shrinking in recent years.

8. Altyn- Emel National Park: It is a must-see place with its red nature among the national parks in the country.

Dishes of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has dishes similar to Turkish cuisine with the influence of nomadic culture. Meat dishes are quite a lot. We have similar dishes such as buttermilk, sausage and pisi. Traditional dishes of Kazakhstan must be tried.

1. Kesbe Koje: It is a noodle soup cooked during Nowruz.

2. Besparmak: It was named so because it is a dish eaten by hand. It is similar to manti. It is cooked by putting lamb and onion in the dough.

3. Bauırsak: It is a type of fried dough called pişi in Turkey.

4. Suret: A delicious dried meat.

5. Kuurdak: It is made by roasting offal such as liver and kidney with onions.

6. Kazı Karta: It is a dish made from horse meat. It is very popular in Kazakhstan and is served at weddings.

7. Jent dessert: It is a raisin dessert made by roasting wheat flour. It is similar to halva.

Must-dos in Kazakhstan

1. The architecture in Kazakhstan is quite impressive. The Bayterek monument in Astana, the Khan Tent, a large shopping center resembling tents, mosques and cathedrals are examples of this beautiful architecture and must be visited. A picnic around Almaty Lake and a view of Almaty cityscape from above in Kok-Tobe area should also be on your list of things to do.

2. If you are looking for sports activities, you should visit the Medeu ice rink and Lake Kaindly.

3. Panfilov Park, Pedestrian Street and Green Market are also worth a visit if you want to be among the locals.

Things to Consider in Kazakhstan

There are some things to consider before and during a trip to Kazakhstan. Warnings for your vacation in Kazakhstan:

1. If you want to go from Turkey without a visa, this period is maximum 1 month.

2. Before going to Kazakhstan, a health check should be done and health insurance should be made to be valid there. The reason for this is that health institutions are not always sufficient everywhere in Kazakhstan and private treatments can be costly.

3. In Kazakhstan, reliable means of transportation should be used against the possibility of pirate taxis.

4. In case of emergency, the phone number 103 should be called.

5. Shopping with foreign currency is not possible. Local currency can be bought from exchange offices.

6. The value of the local currency, the Tengen, is higher than the Turkish Lira. You should determine how much money you will take with you before you go.

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