How Much is the Qatar Minimum Wage 2024? Qatar Occupations and Salaries 2024

How Much is the Qatar Minimum Wage 2024? Qatar Occupations and Salaries 2024. Those who want to gather information about Qatar are also researching questions such as Qatar Occupations and Salaries 2024, Qatar Cost of Living, Can you live on minimum wage in Qatar? Let’s learn all the curious things together…

How Much is the Qatar Minimum Wage 2024

In this article for those who want to work abroad and those who are curious about the salaries of different countries, we will try to give information about Qatar Minimum Wage 2024 and Qatar cost of living, Qatar sought-after professions and salaries 2024. The State of Qatar, located in the east of the Arabian peninsula, is one of the Persian Gulf countries. Qatar, which has a surface area of 11589 km2, has an average population of 2.5 million. In terms of oil and natural gas reserves, it can be defined as the richest country in the world in terms of national income per capita.

The minimum wage in Qatar is not the same for all occupational groups. Minimum wages in Qatar vary according to occupational groups and the region of work. Especially for different occupational groups, the minimum salary is calculated in different ways. Although the official currency of the country is Riyal, 1 dollar is 3.64 Riyal. In the working conditions of the country, different salaries come to the fore in different occupational groups.

It is not possible to specify a fixed value for the minimum wage for Qatar 2024. Wages in Qatar may vary according to the state of work. In some professional groups, it is 1300 for 2022. In professions such as engineering, there are salaries between 10- 20 thousand riyals. Higher wages are received in large and developed regions. Minimum wages also vary according to occupational groups. Especially those working in the field of construction and petrochemicals receive very high wages. When the Qatar 2024 minimum wage is determined, our site will be updated.

Qatar Occupations and Salaries 2024

The average professional salary in Qatar is around 10,000 riyals. In Qatar, those working in all kinds of centers engaged in oil business, especially those working as engineers, earn high salaries. Engineers are one of the highest paid professions in Qatar. On average, engineers in Qatar earn between 10,000 riyals and 20,000 riyals per month.

However, there are very few people working on minimum wage in Qatar who live on this salary alone. In this regard, especially those who work in certain professions and sectors, people with professional experience in the jobs they work and work in, are not hired with very low salaries or minimum wages as in Turkey.

Accountant: 14.800 Riyal
Secretary: 8700 Riyal
Construction Worker 9575 Riyal
Crane Operator 15,560 Riyal
Architect: 17,630 Riyal
Engineer: 20,460 Riyal
Translator: 13,280 Riyal
Translator: 14,580 Riyal
Doctor: 35,050 Riyal
Medical Assistant 10,555 Riyal
Teacher: 15,130 Riyal
Lawyer 26,340 Riyal
Cook 8382 Riyal
Hotel Worker 7835 Riyal
Housekeeper 6640 Riyal
Babysitter 5770 Riyal
Security Officer 8050 Riyal
Truck Driver 13,820 Riyal

Most Popular Occupations in Qatar

  • Petroleum and natural gas engineering is one of the professions sought by countries with a shortage of workers in the processing of oil and natural gas. Although this profession has difficult working conditions, it earns a good salary. In order to apply for this profession, it is necessary to complete the 4-year undergraduate education of the relevant department.
  • Mechanical engineers are another occupational group in demand in Qatar. This profession, which is related to the production and design of mechanical devices, has a high income level. In order to apply for this profession, it is necessary to graduate from the relevant 4-year undergraduate program.
  • Cooking is one of the popular professions in the food and service sector. There is no education requirement for this profession. Instead, experience is taken into consideration.
  • Law professions are in demand in Qatar as in other countries. Professions such as judges, prosecutors and lawyers are necessary to ensure the country’s laws and social order. To do one of these professions, it is necessary to graduate from a 4-year Law degree program.
  • Architecture has become one of the popular professions in Qatar, where the construction sector is booming.
  • All graduates who complete the 4-year education of the relevant department can do this profession.
  • Construction workers are in great demand in Qatar, where the sector is vibrant. The requirements for this profession are to know the Arabic language and to be a high school graduate. Employees with experience in the profession are preferred.
  • Tour guides are one of the most preferred professions in the branch of tourism among Qatar job opportunities. To do this profession, you need to know English and Arabic languages well. It is also expected to be knowledgeable about the place of work.

Qatar Working Hours

If you are going to work by receiving Qatar minimum wage, we know that you are also curious about the conditions under which you will work. Because there are so many expatriate workers in Qatar, wages, conditions and hours are clearly defined by specific laws and regulations. The working conditions in Qatar are basically as follows:

Working hours of official institutions in Qatar: Sunday – Thursday 07:00 – 14:00
Working hours of banks: Sunday – Thursday 07:30 – 13:30
Working hours in the private sector: Saturday – Thursday: 08:00 – 13:00 and 15:30 – 18:30

These are the working hours in Qatar. Although the hours are free for the public sector and banks, there are sometimes differences in these hours for the private sector.

Living in Qatar

House rents are quite expensive in the country. It can be challenging especially for individuals coming from abroad. Even from outside the city, when you want to rent a house, you will encounter rental prices between 500 and 700 Euros. This is quite high for those who receive Qatar Minimum Wage. Grocery prices are in economic ranges. The kitchen and cleaning expenses of a nuclear family can be around 600 to 700 Riyal per month.

Clothing products are in higher ranges compared to grocery products. Institutions such as education and hospitals provide free services. There is very little public transportation in the country. This is one of the important problems. For individuals with a certain profession, it is quite easy to earn and save in Qatar.

Qatar Economy

The country’s economy is based on liquefied natural gas and oil production. Oil reserves account for more than 85 percent of export revenues. Qatar, the third largest country in the world in terms of natural gas reserves, aims to diversify the country’s economy in the long term. The average salary of different occupational groups is 10800 Riyal. The salary of construction workers is about 10 thousand Rials.

The salary of unskilled workers is in the lowest ranges in terms of Qatar Minimum Wage. As in every country, specialists such as physicians, dentists, surgeons working in the field of health receive salaries in the highest ranges. There is no lower limit set by the state for the minimum wage. For this reason, employees receive salaries on a sectoral basis and according to their professions.

Is it possible to live on minimum wage in Qatar?

It is not possible for a person who receives only minimum wage to fully complete their housing, food and other basic needs. However, thanks to the Labor Law of the Qatar Government, the separate payment of housing and food makes this situation comfortable. It is possible to live on minimum wage with the wage given to meet the two most basic needs.

It is not possible to live on minimum wage in Qatar. Minimum wages in Qatar are very low and it is not possible to live on these salaries. But there is also the fact that there are very few people working on minimum wage in Qatar. The average minimum wage in Qatar is around 1,300 riyals. But this wage is not enough to live on.

For example, it is not possible to rent a house with minimum wage in Qatar. Along with food, clothing and other basic needs, house prices are also very high in Qatar. In general, real estate prices are very high in Qatar. House prices in city centers are too high to be kept with minimum wage. Even house prices in areas far from the city center are very high. In Qatar, even the cheapest houses away from the city center are between 600 riyals and 700 riyals.

Kitchen expenses in Qatar are also quite high. A small family of 4 people spends approximately 500 riyals to 600 riyals a month on average. Basic needs, housing, clothing, food and other expenses are quite high in Qatar. Life in Qatar is quite expensive. In other words, it is not possible for a minimum wage employee to keep a house alone and meet all his needs.

Cost of Living in Qatar

Qatar is known as a country that pays high salaries to its employees. If salaries are so high, you may think that living expenses are also proportionally high. We will discuss this issue in detail in the Living Expenses in Qatar section. First of all, you can benefit from education and health services completely free of charge in this country. Since salaries are high, you will see that house rents are also high. If we present the living expenses in the form of a table;

Expenses Cost
Qatar Rent fee: 1,350€
Loaf of bread 0,65€
12 Eggs 1,10€
1 liter of milk 1,60€
1 kg of cheese 7,75€
1 kg of potatoes €0.95
1 kilogram of tomatoes €0.65
Chicken 7€
7€ for a meal in an average restaurant
Electricity, Water, Natural Gas Bill (for a 70 m2 house) 70€
0.33 ML Water 0.25€
Gasoline (1 lt.) 0.44 – 0.46€
Qatar public transport ticket 0,8€
ADSL – VDSL Internet 80€

Qatar Market Prices

Although market prices in Qatar are similar to Turkey, it is possible to say that Qatar is cheaper according to the current price comparison. In general, Qatar market prices are as follows:

1.5 kg detergent price: 7 dollars
1 kg yogurt: $3.80
1 L milk: 2 dollars
Price of 1 kg of bulgur: 2.20 dollars
Pasta: 1.5 dollars
730 ml of sunflower oil: 13 dollars
Fruit and vegetable prices: 3 – 10 dollars. (1 kg.)

Also, when you go to the big markets, you will see a much wider variety of brands and products than in Turkey. The reason for this is that there are many immigrants in the country. For example, when you go to a grocery store, you can easily find Turkish brands. Prices are almost the same as in Turkey. A single person can do grocery shopping by spending 100 Qatari Riyal for a week.

Qatar Rental House Prices 2024

We can say that house rents in Qatar are high especially in central areas. However, if you choose studio apartments from apartments that are a little far from the center and not luxurious, it is possible to find houses for 1,500 – 2,000 Qatari Riyals.

About Qatar

Foreigners make up the vast majority of the population in Qatar. In Qatar, where the population is approaching 2 million, the local population is around 300,000. Apart from the local people called Qatar-i, there is a foreign population of 1.7 million, mainly from countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Flipins, Indonesia, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Palestine. The Turkish population living in Qatar is around 8,000. It is very difficult to meet Qataris in social life in the country.

Local people living in the country are provided with free electricity, water and gas, especially housing. Telephone calls within the country are also free of charge with no limits. There are no indirect taxes on consumer goods. Many businesses are tax exempt. The only taxable business line in the country is the hotel sector. Although it is predicted that oil will run out completely in the next 30 years in the country with rich oil and natural gas deposits, Qatar is among the top 3 countries in the world in natural gas reserves.

Founded on the Qatar peninsula, which has a very small surface area on the Arabian Peninsula, the country has the title of the 3rd smallest country after Bahrain and Lebanon among the Gulf countries. The vast majority of the country is uninhabited. Some regions are urbanizing with new investments. Even the capital Doha was one of the settlements with a limited population until the 1990s. In Qatar, which has a surface area of 11,586 square kilometers, 170 km from North to South and 95 km from West to East, the entire country is covered.

Things to Know about Qatar

The richness of the population structure has deeply affected the culinary culture in Qatar. You can find all kinds of dishes from Italian, Turkish, Mediterranean, Chinese and Mediterranean cuisines, especially Middle Eastern flavors, from all over the country. In order to try local flavors, restaurants offering traces of Palestinian, Moroccan, Iranian cuisine are integrated with the local geography of Qatar.

Unlike the Islamic countries in the region, Qatar does not have a very harsh attitude towards alcohol. Although it is forbidden to bring alcohol into the country from outside, alcohol is served and sold in hotels with alcohol licenses. Since alcohol is sold in hotels, many hotels have bars and cafes with different concepts in addition to accommodation services. In social life, instead of entertainment venues in independent buildings on the streets and alleys, the venues in hotels are the point of attraction.

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