Instagram Lottery Winning Cheat 2024

Instagram Lottery Winning Cheat 2024. Instagram, today’s most used social media application, has been organizing high-budget sweepstakes to increase followers by influencers and celebrities in recent years. Instagram sweepstakes are made through a program, and as with every program, there are a number of points that the Instagram sweepstakes program detects. By reading this article carefully, you can increase your chances of winning the Instagram sweepstakes. Here is the Instagram sweepstakes winning trick 2024.

Instagram Lottery Winning Cheat 2024

Friends, first of all, there is no trick to winning Instagram sweepstakes, you can only increase your chances by applying tactics. These tactics are aimed at increasing your detection rate according to the working system of Instagram sweepstakes robots.

    1. First of all, do not participate in every sweepstakes you see, most sweepstakes no longer say that you won after the draw and do not give any gifts.
    2. Read the conditions for participating in the lottery carefully. Even if you are the winner after the draw, you may be invalidated for not fulfilling the conditions of the draw.
    3. When you make a tag, tag your friend who comes out first when you make @, put an emoji right next to him, tag another friend next to him and share the comment, copy this comment and repeat it every 10 minutes. So that you don’t get blocked.
    4. Tag the person who makes the lottery while tagging.
    5. Try to like all comments without getting blocked.
    6. The sweepstakes robot also sees the previous one from the sweepstakes post, make a few tags to it in the same way.
    7. Save the raffle post, some raffle programs can detect those who save the post.
    8. Your account must be hidden, your account can be stolen if you win the lottery on live broadcast.
    9. Do not make a label 30 minutes before the draw, the robot does not see the last 30 minutes.
    10. Try to make 1 tag in 10 minutes at 1 hour, you will have made 6 comments per hour, which will increase your chances.

When you apply these tactics, you can increase your chances of winning the lottery. Raffle drawing programs are divided into two as paid and free, if the person you participate in the raffle uses the free raffle winning program, you have a better chance of winning with the above tactics.

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