Turkey’s Best Public Universities Ranking 2024

Turkey’s Best Public Universities Ranking 2024. For those looking for the answer to the question, we tried to list them according to the Middle East Technical University Informatics Institute URAP data and according to the intensity of preference by students. When determining the best public universities in Turkey, a number of criteria such as the quality of education, the city where it is located and the facilities it offers are based on.

Best Public Universities in Turkey 2024

The best public universities are the most preferred universities. URAP data ranks universities by taking into account the scores of faculty members and students, articles, citations, scientific documents, PhDs, faculty members and students. Hacettepe University maintains its leadership at the top of the list of Turkey’s best public universities. Istanbul University ranks second. Here are the 50 best public universities in Turkey according to URAP 2022

1. Hacettepe University 337.38
2. Istanbul University 314,69
3. ITU 293,31
4. Ankara University 291,45
5. Middle East Technical University 288.97
6. Ege University 274,37
7. Gazi University 271,16
8. Dokuz Eylul University 263
9. Marmara University 258,97
10. Ataturk University 255,11
11. Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa 254,99
12. Yildiz Technical University 252.2
13. Euphrates University 244.6
14. Erciyes University 244.3
15. Selcuk University 242,26
16. Karadeniz Technical University 235,22
17. Boğaziçi University 234,69
18. Cukurova University 229.15
19. Akdeniz University 225,91
20. Uludag University 218,82
21. Ondokuz Mayıs University 210,49
22. Sakarya University 209,58
23. Eskişehir Osmangazi University 200,74
24. Suleyman Demirel University 198,77
25. Kocaeli University 196,27
26. Pamukkale University 195,02
27. Gaziantep University 190,12
28. Yüzüncü Yıl University 187,14
29. Anadolu University 185,65
30. Inonu University 184,39
31. Cumhuriyet University 184,11
32. Celal Bayar University 183,83
33. Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University 176,79
34. Duzce University 176,58
35. Abant Izzet Baysal University 176,12
36. Karabuk University 175,29
37. Mersin University 173.9
38. Necmettin Erbakan University 172,84
39. Baskent University 167,85
40. Adnan Menderes University 167,62
41. Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University 167.33
42. Bozok University 166,32
43. Yıldırım Beyazıt University 166,06
44. Harran University 163,86
45. Gaziosmanpaşa University 161,79
46. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University 160,05
47. Tigris University 158,84
48. Kirikkale University 157,08
49. Hitit University 154,66
50. Trakya University 153,58

1. Hacettepe University

Hacettepe University (HU) is a state university established on July 8, 1967 in Ankara, the capital of the Republic of Turkey, by Law No. 892. The university has five campuses in total, with the central campus in Sıhhiye and the largest campus in Beytepe Campus. There are various vocational schools and research centers on campuses other than Sıhhiye and Beytepe. Hacettepe University has 15 faculties and 15 institutes. Schools related to health sciences are generally located in Sıhhiye Campus, while other faculties and institutes are located in Beytepe Campus.

2. Istanbul University

Istanbul University (IU) is the oldest state university in Turkey with its main campus in the Fatih district of Istanbul. There are 17 faculties, 12 institutes and 2 colleges affiliated to Istanbul University.

3. Istanbul Technical University (ITU)

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) (English: Istanbul Technical University) is a public university in Istanbul, Turkey, with roots dating back to 1773. ITU’s education is internationally recognized. ITU has the most ABET-accredited engineering departments in Turkey and in the world. 24 engineering departments are accredited by ABET.

4. Ankara University

Ankara University, whose foundation was laid by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, officially started its educational activities in 1946. Ankara University had a total of 70221 students as 9923 associate degree, 48271 undergraduate, 5751 graduate and 6276 doctoral students in the 2022 academic year. As of 2022, the university had a total of 3751 academic staff, including 1113 professors, 364 associate professors, 281 doctors, 684 lecturers and 1309 research assistants.

5. Middle East Technical University

Middle East Technical University (METU) (English: Middle East Technical University, METU) is a state university founded in Ankara on November 15, 1956 by then Turkish Prime Minister Adnan Menderes, General Director of Highways Vecdi Diker and a group of academics. The university has 5 faculties and 37 departments within these faculties.

6. Ege University

Ege University is a state university that started its education life in Izmir on March 9, 1956 as the first university of the Aegean Region and the fourth university of Turkey. Ege University, one of the most preferred universities in Turkey, has a total of 15 faculties, 9 institutes, 6 colleges, 10 vocational schools, 36 research and application centers.

7. Gazi University

Gazi University is a state university located in Ankara. It was founded in 1926 in Ankara. Gazi University also has the title of being the first university of the republic.

Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Education, Science, Engineering and Technology are among the most important faculties. The university has campuses in Beşevler, Emek, Maltepe, Gölbaşı and Çubuk. In addition, Gazi University has vocational schools and colleges in Ankara OSTİM, Çankaya, Kızılay, Polatlı and Beypazarı districts.

8. Dokuz Eylül University

Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) is a state university located in Izmir. It was founded on July 20, 1982. The university has 10 institutes, 18 faculties, 3 colleges, 1 conservatory, 6 vocational schools, 1 application and research hospital and 60 application and research centers.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, 70,158 students studied at the university. 1352 of these students were international students from 115 countries. In 2019, 3657 academic and 4824 administrative staff worked at the university.

9. Marmara University

Marmara University is one of the oldest state universities in Turkey.

Marmara University has 16 faculties, 11 institutes, 3 colleges and 4 vocational schools. Marmara University departments are 155 in total and education at the university is provided in five languages: Turkish, English, French, German and Arabic.

Marmara University, which has campuses in Acıbadem, Anadoluhisarı, Bağlarbaşı, Başıbüyük, Göztepe, Kartal and Dragos, is among the most preferred state universities by students.

10. Atatürk University

Atatürk University is a state university founded in 1957 in Erzurum. It is the seventh oldest university in Turkey.

Located 1.5 kilometers from Erzurum city center, Atatürk University campus has 6.5 million m² open and 1 million m² closed area. Covering a large part of the Erzurum Plain, the university land is the second largest campus in Turkey. It is the first planned campus in Turkey.

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