What is a Social Media Specialist and Who Is It Called? Social Media Specialist Salaries 2024

What is a Social Media Specialist and Who Is It Called? Social Media Specialist Salaries 2024. Social media is a term used for communication, interaction, content sharing, websites and applications. Social media is used by people to stay in touch and interact with friends and various communities. Businesses use social media to promote their brands, market their products and interact with their customers. To manage their social media networks, businesses generally hire social media experts to maintain a professional social media presence. In this article, what is a social media expert, which is increasing in importance day by day, who is called? How to become a social media expert? What does a social media specialist do? How much are social media specialist salaries in 2024?

What is a Social Media Expert, Who is it Called?

A social media specialist is someone who is responsible for creating and publishing content on all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to grow an audience, build brand awareness and increase sales. A Social Media Specialist must understand the targeted audience for each social channel and create unique content that appeals to the intended audience.

To be successful as a Social Media Specialist, you need to have hands-on social media skills, knowledge of multiple social media platforms, and be up to date with current trends. You also need to have writing, editing, SEO, narration and presentation skills.

How to Become a Social Media Expert?

There is no formal training to become a social media expert in Turkey. There are social media certificate programs offered by educational institutions. Some companies require a social media certificate in social media personnel recruitment. But the most important factor in social media specialist recruitment is to master graphic design, software, communication and video montage programs.

In recent years, those who want to become social media experts have been studying Advertising, New Media and Public Relations departments of universities, increasing their knowledge with the courses given in these departments and doing internships as social media managers in agencies and applying to well-established companies as social media experts.

What Does a Social Media Specialist Do?

The responsibilities of the Social Media Specialist may vary depending on the size of the company they work for, but in general, the duties and responsibilities of Social Media Specialists are as follows:

⇒ Developing, implementing and managing our social media strategy after conducting competitive research, platform identification, target audience identification.

⇒ Plan and publish new content (including original text, images, video and code) on a daily basis that increases brand awareness and encourages engagement with the brand.

⇒ Collaborate with sales and marketing teams to develop social media campaigns.

⇒ Stay abreast of the latest social media best practices and technologies.

⇒ Set up and optimize company pages on each platform to increase the visibility of the company’s social content.

⇒ Collaborate with sales, web design, web development, digital marketing, customer relations and product development teams.

⇒ Strengthen the brand network by interacting with industry professionals and influencers through social media.

Social Media Specialist Salaries 2024

Social media specialist salaries generally vary according to the skills (graphic design, video montage, etc.) and experience of the people. Social media experts who have skills with 3 years of experience in companies receive a salary of 20 – 50 thousand dollars. Social media experts who work in agencies and have little experience can earn a salary of 12-30 thousand dollars.

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