What is a Web Front-End Developer and How to Become One? Front-End Developer Salaries 2024

What is a Web Front-End Developer, How to Become One? Front-End Developer Salaries 2024. We have prepared this article for those who are looking for answers to their questions. Front-End Developers People who code the front of a website that users see and interact directly with using technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript are called “Front-end Developer” front-end developers.

What is a Web Front-End Developer and How to Become One?

“Front-end” and “back-end” are among the most frequently mentioned terms in web programming. These two terms can actually be referred to as “web development”. Although the terms often confuse those outside the field, it is actually easy to tell the difference between them.

Example: Creating a website is a process that includes all the audio-visual parts related to visuals and content. The front-end is the process where you come up with colorful themes, backgrounds, fonts, design images and set them up to present them to the users’ attention.

The people who do the work listed above are called front-end developers. Creating a website can be thought of as shooting a movie in front of the camera and behind the camera. The processes in front of the camera can be experienced as “Front-end” and the processes behind the camera as “Back-end”. Everything we see as an audience in the movie is in front of the camera; actors, locations, events can be viewed as front-end examples. The technical groups and equipment behind the camera are “Back-end” examples.

To become a “Front-end Developer” you need to know some terms and have some knowledge about this job. For this reason, this article is especially important for those who want to start from scratch in this field. When we think of ourselves as users, we should know that all the activities that we encounter on the sites and attract our attention on the pages are the result of extremely sensitive and long processes from beginning to end. Obviously, the effort spent before starting the designs is much wider than the process of creating the designs. For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that the research to be done before starting is detailed and versatile.

What Does a Web Front-End Developer Do?

A “Front-End” developer is someone who uses the three main programming languages “HTML”, “CSS” and “JavaScript” to carry out the entire design and creation of the first page that web users encounter.

The “Front End” has its own sections. For example, the arrangement of texts and images; It includes themes such as font, color, appearance, size and background of the image. Apart from that, the placement of text and images on the page and the structuring of the page is another sub-heading. If you want to deal with this sub-section, it is enough to know the “JavaScript” language. There is no need to use other interfaces. But if you intend to render text and images, you need to know all three languages. If you intend to work as a Front Ender, it is enough to specialize in one language.

What you need to know to become a Front-end Developer:

  • Know the programming languages “HTML”, “CSS” and “JavaScript”
  • Research skills;
  • Ability to find solutions to problems;
  • Foreign language skills
  • These are just examples of the skills you need to have.


stands for HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). “HTML” basically refers to the page. It is for displaying expressions such as headings, paragraphs and bold. “HTML” is not used for design and styling. The programming language used for this is “CSS”.


stands for CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). “CSS” handles the styling of a web page, including colors, hardware and animations. The programming language used for all these operations is “CSS”.


Using JavaScript allows you to interact with a web page. For example: Clicking on the menu button at the top of a web page opens an options window, and each click on the button causes the menu to toggle between opening and closing. JavaScript is used in games, web pages, mobile apps and more.

Front End Developer Salaries 2023

Depending on which of these web development technologies you specialize in, or whether you are looking for a developer with this expertise, there may be differences in salaries. However, front-end developer salaries are highly dependent on the years of experience of the engineer involved, the location involved, and the freelance or in-house specialist one is looking to hire.

Using data from Glassdoor, we have compiled a table of average front-end developer salaries by region. Please note that all this data is based on surveys and does not include bonuses.

*The data is calculated based on arithmetic averages for different countries from each region. The countries selected for the analysis are given in bracket

Region Hourly rate, USD Annually, USD
North America
(USA, Canada, Mexico)
$54-102 $75,772-140,275
South America

(Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia)

$10-24 $20,670-50,484
Eastern Europe

(Hungary, Czechia, Poland, Ukraine)

$37-69 $36,473-68,241
Western Europe

(Sweden, UK, France, Germany)

$54-75 $66,823-89,005

(India, Philippines, Japan, China)

$13-28 $27,073-59,853
Australia $59-84 $62,000-97,9

In Turkey, “Front-end Developer” salaries vary according to the area of specialization and programming language. In 2023, it varies between 22 thousand TL and 37 thousand TL.

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