What is the Serbia Minimum Wage 2024? Serbia Occupations and Salaries 2024

What is the Serbia Minimum Wage 2024? Serbia Occupations and Salaries 2024. Serbia is one of the most curious countries as a result of the researches made by those who want to go abroad. Those who want to gather information about Serbia are also researching questions such as Serbia Occupations and Salaries 2024, Serbia Cost of Living, Can you live on minimum wage in Serbia? Let’s learn all the curious things together…

What is the Serbia Minimum Wage 2024

In this article for those who want to work abroad and those who are curious about the salaries of different countries, we will try to give information about Serbia Minimum Wage 2023 and Serbia cost of living, Serbia sought-after professions and salaries 2024. Serbia is a country located in the Balkans. Hungary, Macedonia and Albania, Bulgaria are border neighbors. According to the latest censuses, the population of Serbia is 7 million. The currency of Serbia, whose capital is Belgrade, is the Serbian Dinar.

The number of Turks living in Serbia is lower than in other European and Balkan countries. However, the number of Turkish entrepreneurs investing in Serbia is considerable. Especially in recent years, this rate has increased. Of course, as such, work opportunities for Turkish citizens in Serbia are also increasing. Of course, one of the issues that most people are curious about is the amount of Serbian minimum wage given to Turkish employees.

According to the data of the European Statistical Office (Eurostat), Luxembourg is the country with the highest minimum wage in Europe, followed by Ireland and the Netherlands. Accordingly, Albania has the lowest minimum wage. Despite the 50 percent increase, Turkey remained below Bulgaria and Montenegro. The minimum wage in Serbia has not yet been set for 2023, but in 2022 it will be 35,012 RSD, 298 euros.

Serbia Occupations and Salaries 2024

The country’s unemployment rate is around 22%. However, the government provides many incentives to both citizens and entrepreneurs from abroad and creates employment opportunities for the working population. University graduates who want to work in Serbia have a higher employment rate than unskilled workers. In this context, employees are required to prove their professional qualifications.

In order to have a good profession in Serbia and to have a high salary, you must have a good level of foreign language. If you have difficulty in learning Serbian in the first place, it is useful to know at least English. If you are going to work in Serbia temporarily or long-term as an unskilled laborer through Turkish or Serbian companies, you may need a foreign language to express yourself and communicate with shopkeepers. People who decide to live here after working in Serbia for a long time should have a good command of Serbian.

If you want to work in Serbia in the first place, you need to speak Serbian. However, if you have a good command of English until you learn this language, you will have no difficulty in finding a job. If you are a university graduate, you can find a job in the country more easily than unskilled workers. To do this, you need to show your professional competence to employers in the best way on your CV. The salaries of the professions are as follows;

The minimum wage in Serbia is 38 thousand dinars and the average salary is 45 thousand dinars.
Workers in the country are generally paid the minimum wage.

  • Teachers 50 thousand dinars
  • Cooks 59 thousand dinars
  • Cleaners 46 thousand dinars
  • Software specialist: 68 thousand dinars
  • Doctor: 60 thousand dinars
  • Engineer 48 thousand dinars salary.

General living expenses in Serbia

Serbia is considerably cheaper than many other countries in terms of living costs. The average rent for a decent apartment in the city center is around 200 Euros. It is possible to find more affordable apartments in areas outside the city center. Furnished houses rent around 300 to 350 Euros. The bill expense of an average house is around 150 Euros per month. It is not difficult to live a life with an average salary in Serbia. Single people live more comfortably than families with children. Families with children need at least two people to work in order to live a prosperous life. As it is a cheap country, it is easy to save money. Of course, these criteria should be taken into consideration when evaluating job opportunities in Serbia; sectors with high monthly income should be preferred.

Food prices in Serbia (in Serbian Dinar):
One bread; 22,93
A dozen eggs; 142.31
1 liter of milk; 89.37
Cheese; 502.13
Tomato; 110.54
Lettuce; 44.69
Onion; 52.92
Potatoes; 56.45
Apple; 78.79
Orange; 116.42
Banana; 116.42
One and a half liters of water; 50.57
Domestic beer; 67.03
Foreign beer; 108.19
One bottle of non-alcoholic wine; 398.65

Prices of transportation in Serbia (in Serbian Dinars);
Single public transportation ticket; 88,20
Monthly public transportation card; 2990.45
Taxi opening fee: 149.35
1 hour by taxi; 598.56
1 kilometer standard taxi fare; 64.68
1 liter of gasoline; 156.40

Rental prices in Serbia (in Serbian Dinars);
Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the center; 29,046
Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in neighborhoods far from the city center; 19,520
Rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in the center; 54.211
Rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in neighborhoods far from the city center; 33,632

What are the Places to Visit in Serbia?

Serbia has been the center of attention of many people universally for a long time. For you, where are the places to visit in Serbia, what is the currency, is it a member of the European Union, how much is the minimum wage, how much are car prices, how much are alcohol prices, what are the entry requirements, is it safe, where is it on the map? We talked about these topics.

Kalemegdan Park and the castle are ideal places to watch the city and the river from a low hill. The cafes in the energetic city are always lively and bustling, especially on the traffic-free Knez Mihailova. Historically one of the cultural and educational centers of Eastern Europe, Novi Sad is known as the ‘Athens of Serbia’. The Belgrade suburb of Zemun (also known as Semlin in German) was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918, so examples of Baroque architecture can be seen along the city’s river banks.

Job Opportunities for Turks in Serbia

It can be said that there is a certain prejudice against Serbia in our country due to various events in history. However, many political and economic talks between the two countries have been very effective in breaking the ice. Especially in recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of Turks working in Serbia.

In this context, job opportunities for Turks in Serbia have spread to a wide range in many different sectors. Especially in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, there is a wide variety of living and job opportunities. In general, the comments of people who go to work in Serbia from Turkey are positive.

Occupations in Serbia

Serbia is one of the limited countries that has managed to be self-sufficient in agriculture. A large part of the country’s national income is generated by the agricultural sector. The number of farmers and people engaged in agricultural work in the country is undeniable.

The country’s industry is self-sufficient, but in general terms, the income from industry is quite low. Although the industry is partially developed, you can choose the workshop or factory among the job opportunities in Serbia and do the profession that suits you. The most developed sector in Serbia is the service sector. If you have a profession in this field, you can do many jobs suitable for you. In addition, you will not find another place as good as Serbia where you can easily do your own profession.

If we examine the tourism of the country, we can say that it has a very lively sector. Serbia earned a large proportion of the national income obtained in 2020 from the tourism sector. If your profession is in the field of tourism, you can easily do business in this country.

About Serbia

Serbia is the most populous Western Balkan country with a population of nearly 7.5 million. In the country where Serbs make up the majority of the population, Muslims mostly live in the Sandzak and Preşevo regions in the southeast of Serbia. With an area of 77 thousand 474 square kilometers, Serbia’s official language is Serbian.

After the death of Josip Broz Tito, the leader of the former Yugoslavia, in 1980, Slobodan Milosevic, a Serbian nationalist who took over the country, triggered the disintegration of the country. Milosevic declared war first on Croatia and then on Bosnia and Herzegovina after they declared their independence. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives and millions were forced to flee their homes during the wars in the former Yugoslavia.

Although the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was established after the wars, consisting only of Serbia and Montenegro, the name Yugoslavia disappeared after a while and was replaced by Serbia and Montenegro. With the independence of Montenegro in 2006, the country started to use only the name Serbia.

Kosovo, one of the autonomous regions in Serbia, first came under the control of the United Nations (UN) after the 1998-1999 war, and then declared its unilateral independence in 2008. Kosovo has a large Albanian population,

It is still defined by Serbia as its own territory.
Serbia borders Hungary to the north, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to the west, Macedonia and Kosovo to the south, Romania and Bulgaria to the east. Serbia is landlocked and has a continental climate.

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