French Magazine Charlie Hebdo’s Cartoon of an Earthquake In Turkey

French Magazine Charlie Hebdo’s Cartoon of an Earthquake In Turkey was criticized by almost the entire world as cynical. Palestinian artist Abrar Sabbah, on the other hand, modified the cartoon and supported the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Those who search for Turkey and Syria earthquake map are also curious about turkey and syria earthquake death count. Let’s learn all the curious things together.

French Magazine Charlie Hebdo’s Cartoon of an Earthquake

A cartoon in the French humor magazine Charlie Hebdo mocking the devastating earthquake that killed thousands in Turkey and Syria has sparked outrage on social media. In a tweet on Monday, the magazine shared a cartoon drawn by artist Pierrick Juin. The picture is titled: “Earthquake in Turkey”.

Showing piles of rubble and collapsed buildings, the cartoon is captioned: “No need to send tanks!”

Many users reacted angrily to the cartoon, criticizing it for making light of the devastating earthquake that killed at least 20,000 people and left many more homeless. US Muslim scholar Dr. Omar Suleiman condemned the cartoon for celebrating the tragedy and called the French magazine a “despicable publication”.

“To mock the deaths of thousands of Muslims is ‘the pinnacle of France dehumanizing us in every way,'” he added.

Twitter users condemned the cartoon and called Charlie Hebdo a “disgrace to humanity” for publishing it.

The cartoon was accused of promoting hate speech and described as “racist” by Twitter users.

Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın also reacted to the draw. “Modern barbarians!” he tweeted. “Drown in your hate and hatred.”

Palestinian artist Abrar Sabbah, on the other hand, modified the cartoon and supported the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Palestinian artist Abrar Sabbah, who won acclaim for his drawing on French magazine Charlie Hebdo’s provocative cartoon mocking the earthquake disaster in Turkey, said he wanted to send a message of support to Turkey.

French magazine Charlie Hebdo sparked outrage with a cartoon mocking Turkey after two deadly earthquakes hit the country on Monday.

“Earthquake in Turkey” was written in the upper right corner of the cartoon. At the bottom it reads “(There is no need) to send tanks”.

Sabbah, a 26-year-old Palestinian cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer, edited Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon in a video he posted on his social media account and wrote, “Hey dirty Charlie Hebdo. You couldn’t draw like this. This is how you draw! We will stand up again. The people will stand up again!”

Sabbah, a graduate of Turkey, quickly received thousands of likes and circulated on the internet.

Victims should not be mocked

Sabbah, who speaks fluent Turkish and prefers to express his thoughts to Anatolia in Turkish, said, “In these difficult times we are living in, I watched the cartoon by Charlie Hebdo. Of course, like millions of people, I was angry and upset. Don’t stay silent. I think this cannot be a cartoon. Caricature is satire. But people who are suffering should not be mocked.”

“Many people’s rights are being violated,” the artist said, adding that he illustrated in his video what many people wanted to say.

“I also wanted to give the message that Turkey is a very strong country and Turkish people are very strong and do not give up. I hope this message of mine has reached a good place.” “Our most powerful weapon is the pen. We can give a more permanent message by writing or drawing. I wanted the response to Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon to be in a language they would understand.”

“I received a lot of positive feedback. I received many messages of support on my personal account. For example, ‘We couldn’t make our voices heard, you said what we couldn’t say’ or ‘You cheered us up when we said it. they were in great pain and depressed.'”

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