How to Watch Super Bowl 2023 Rihanna Halftime Show Without Watching the Game?

How to Watch Super Bowl 2023 Rihanna Halftime Show Without Watching the Game?. Who is Performing in Super Bowl 2023? Super Bowl 2023 Rihanna Halftime Show How to Watch Without Watching the Game? For those who are curious, in this article, we will also give information Where and How to Watch Super Bowl 2023?  Let’s get information about Super Bowl 2023 Ticket Price and Super Bowl 2023 date and location.

Who is Performing in Super Bowl 2023?

Pop superstar Rihanna lit up State Farm Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona as the headline act of the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show. But most surprisingly she went at it alone, without any guest appearances from many of the big names who have collaborated with her during her stellar career. While her incredible history of bangers ensured the setlist was loaded with 12 songs, after years of multiple guests and surprises, some were expecting a bit more from the performance itself especially with the majority of it lip-synced.

Beginning up in the air on a raised platform in her first live performance since the 2018 Grammys, Rihanna opened the show with B**ch Better Have My Money – the betting favourite – followed by a medley featuring Where Have You BeenOnly Girl (In the World)We Found Love and Rude Boy.

Super Bowl 2023 Rihanna Halftime Show How to Watch Without Watching the Game?

Millions of people love Rihanna and are chomping at the bit to see Ri-Ri’s return to active pop superstar duty on Sunday evening at the Super Bowl. Millions of people are also football fans or at least fans of a good Super Bowl party. The Venn diagram on those groups certainly intersects, but not everyone cares whether the large men in red will beat the large men in green.

WATCH RIHANNA LIVE FOR FREEFubo.tv (free trial); DirecTV Stream (free trial); Hulu + Live TV (free trial), Also, Sling TV has promotional offers

For folks who just want to bask in Rihanna’s superstar glow for about 15 minutes, there are plenty of ways to catch Rihanna and whichever guest stars she brings to the massive stage. So how do non-football fans catch The Caribbean Queen’s “Big Moment” without sitting through the “Big Game?”

Well, the Super Bowl begins on the Fox network at about 6:30 p.m. Sunday, so, if you have cable or a streaming service that carries Fox perhaps the easiest way is to simply turn the game on. Then turn the sound down and periodically check to see which of the first two quarters the game is in and how much time until the halftime break.


You could also watch whatever interests you and use the “last channel” or “back” button on your remote to do the check-in. A quarter is 15 minutes of game time but often takes about 30-40 of real-time, depending on the flow of the game and stoppages for player injuries or instant replay reviews. So if you remember to check in every 20-30 minutes or so, you should be able to catch halftime without having your corneas sullied with too much actual football.

Historically between the uber-expensive commercials and the performances, Super Bowl halftime breaks are about twice as long as the standard 13-minute regular season game breaks. The actual performances usually land within 12 to 15 minutes. The Fox football announcing team will likely blather on about the first-half action for several minutes, ramping up the anticipation and giving the massive onsite crew time to set up the stage for the Barbadian Babe’s performance.

Super Bowl 2023 Streaming

If you’re not home or at a party, there are also several streaming options. But if you don’t want to pay for a subscription, some require a bit of chicanery to achieve. For example, the streaming service FuboTV has Fox, and the service, which generally begins at $69.99, is running a free trial for seven days. So, sign up Saturday (it’s good to have a buffer in case something goes wonky between your TV and the service), enjoy Rihanna, and then remember to end the trial before the seven days are up.

Likewise, DirecTV Stream also offers a trial period of five days when you sign up online, which is more than enough to absorb the halftime show and rewatch it several times without spending a cent on the streaming service.

Hulu + Live TV also offers a free trial. And Sling TV has promotional offers. Your first month is half off.

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