İngilizcede En Sık Kullanılan 50 Kelime

İngilizce öğrenen biriyseniz, dilde en çok hangi kelimelerin kullanıldığını bilmek, kelime dağarcığınızı geliştirmenize ve gündelik konuşmalarda özgüven kazanmanıza yardımcı olabilir. İngilizcede akıcı olmanıza yardımcı olması için bu kelimelere güvenmeyin , ancak İngilizce dilinde daha rahat büyüdükçe becerilerinizi geliştirmenize yardımcı olacak bir kaynak olarak kullanın. İşte İngilizcede En Sık Kullanılan 50 Kelime…

Common English Words


  • Everyone in a group.
  • All the children did their homework.


  • A conjunction that joins parts of speech together in a sentence.
  • She jumped, jogged, and danced in gym class. 


  • A male child.
  • The little boy asked his mother if she would buy him candy.


  • A long text of words that people read.
  • The college student had to read a 500-page book for English class.


  • To yell out or speak loudly; to contact someone by phone.
  • The girl called out to her brother so he would wait for her.


  • A four-wheeled vehicle that transports people from one place to another.
  • He drove the car from school to work.


  • A piece of furniture that can hold one person.
  • My mother is the only one allowed to sit in the big chair in the living room. 


  • Young people who have not yet reached adulthood.
  • The children didn’t listen to what their parents told them.


  • A place where many people live.
  • New York is the biggest city in the United States.


  • An animal that many people have as a household pet.
  • My dog likes to play with bones.


  • A passageway from which you can enter or exit a room or a building.
  • The students rushed through the classroom door just before the bell rang. 


  • The opposite of a friend. A competitor or rival.
  • The hero of the story killed his enemy with a sword.


  • To finish something or come to a conclusion.
  • The end of the book was a happy one.


  • To have more than one needs of something.
  • Most Americans have enough food to eat, but that’s not true in other countries. 


  • To consume food.
  • The children liked to eat apples and bananas after school. 


  • The opposite of an enemy. Someone on your side and with whom you enjoy spending time.
  • The girl played with her friend in the yard until her mother told her to come inside.


  • A male parent.
  • The father picked up his child when she started crying.


  • To travel to and from a location.
  • We go to school every day.


  • To behave well or in a kind manner.
  • My mother said that if I’m good and don’t hit my brother, she will take me to the movies.


  • A female child.
  • The girl dropped her schoolbooks on the ground. 


  • An edible substance that people, animals, and plants eat to live.
  • Starving people do not have enough food to eat and may die.


  • To listen to something.
  • I could hear my brother and sister arguing from the other room.


  • A place where people, often families, live.
  • My friend lives in the biggest house on the street.


  • The internal part of something or to be located within something.
  • The inside of the house was warm and cozy. 


  • To express that you find something amusing.
  • The children laughed after the clown made a joke.


  • To hear something.
  • We listen to music because we like to dance. 


  • An adult male.
  • The man was much taller than his son. 


  • The title of a place, book, person, etc.
  • I never liked my name growing up. 


  • Not ever.
  • I am never getting back together with my boyfriend.


  • The thing that happens after something else in a sequence; to be situated by something else.
  • Let’s go to the next question.


  • Something just created or unused or unopened.
  • My mother bought me a new doll for Christmas. It was still in the package.


  • Loud sounds, especially made by music or a group of people.
  • There was so much noise at the party, the neighbors called the police. 


  • To happen frequently.
  • My teacher gets mad because I often forget my homework. 


  • Two things that go together.
  • I like the new pair of shoes my sister bought me for my birthday.


  • To choose or select.
  • I picked the cupcake with vanilla frosting. 


  • To have fun with someone or engage in an activity or sport. 
  • I like to play football with my brother.


  • A part of a home, building, office or another structure. 
  • The room at the end of the hall is the coldest in the building.


  • To watch or observe something.
  • I see clouds in the sky, which must mean it will rain soon.


  • To offer a service or a good for a price.
  • I am going to sell my surfboard for $50 because it’s time for a new one. 


  • To rest on a floor, chair, or another surface.
  • The teacher told the children to sit on the carpet. 


  • To say something.
  • I speak too loudly sometimes. 


  • To grin or show pleasure.
  • I smile when my brother tells jokes.


  • The opposite of brother. The female child in relation to other children of the same parents.
  • My parents took my sister and me to the circus.


  • To contemplate something or have an idea or belief.
  • I think all pets should have a home. 


  • Something that comes after an event in a sequence.
  • I opened the refrigerator. Then, I ate some food. 


  • To travel on foot.
  • I walk home from school every day.


  • A substance plants, people, animals, and the earth need to survive.
  • If animals don’t have enough water to drink, they will die. 


  • To make a living, engage in an activity for pay, or to reach a goal.
  • I work as a teacher because I like children. 


  • To put something on paper with a pen or pencil. To use a computer to type text.
  • I have to write three essays in English class this semester. 


  • A female adult.
  • That woman was our new school principal. 


  • To answer affirmatively or respond to one’s name being called.
  • “Yes, I’m here,” the student said when the teacher called her name.

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