Instagram Lottery Winning Tactics

If you think that Instagram pages have been doing great prize draws in recent days, I have tried every way, we have researched the working system and raffle tactics of the raffle robot for you. Read this article carefully.


Instagram Lottery Winning Tactics


1- First of all, join the raffle of safe and famous people. Most pages do not offer rewards.

2- When you make a tag, tag your first friend, put an emoji next to it, 
tag another friend next to him and share the comment, copy this comment and make 
it again every 10 minutes. To avoid obstacles.
3- When labeling the person who draws the lot, label it precisely.

4- Like all comments without obstructing.

5- The lottery robot sees the previous one from the lottery post and 
make a few labels in the same way.
6- Your account can be stolen if you win the draw on the live broadcast.

7- Do not make labels 30 minutes before the draw, the robot does 
not see the last 30 minutes.

8- Try to be able to make 1 label every 10 minutes in the raffle robot, 
you will have 6 comments per hour, which will increase your chances.

Your chance to try these tactics to win Instagram raffles will
be greatly increased. Good luck.


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