Vodka Prices in Turkey 2024 – How Much are Vodka Prices in Turkey

Vodka Prices in Turkey 2024 – How Much are Vodka Prices in Turkey. How much are vodka prices in Turkey in 2024? Below you can find the latest and most up-to-date price list for 35cc, 50cc, 70cc, 100cc, 150cc, 175cc and 300cc vodkas in Turkey. The vodka prices listed below are the recommended selling prices in Turkey. These prices may increase or decrease slightly depending on where alcohol is sold. Especially if you are buying alcoholic drinks from a local market in a tourist area, the price will probably be much higher. If possible, try to buy alcohol from big supermarkets like Migros. Here is the list of vodka prices in Turkey in 2024

Vodka Prices in Turkey 2024

You can find the current prices of vodka in Turkey in our list below after the hikes that came with the start of 2024. We have listed 35cc, 50cc, 70cc, 100cc, 150cc, 175cc vodka prices of different brands in this article. The prices in our list are in accordance with the list of alcohol prices sold in Turkey in 2024. Of course, alcohol prices in Turkey may vary depending on the place where it is sold and touristic. Currently, market alcohol prices 2024 and alcohol prices 2024 sold in venues in Turkey are different from each other.

List of Vodka Prices in Turkey 2024 below are the current prices.

Absolut Vodka Prices 2024

• 35’lik Absolut Votka: 330,00 TL

• 50’lik Absolut Votka: 450,00 TL

• 70’lik Absolut Votka: 600,00 TL

• 100’lük Absolut Votka: 835,00 TL

• 175’lik Absolut Votka: 1.650,00 TL

• 70’lik Absolut Mandrin Votka: 600,00 TL

• 70’lik Absolut Raspberri Votka: 600,00 TL

• 70’lik Absolut Vanilia Votka: 600,00 TL

• 70’lik Absolut Apeache Votka: 600,00 TL

• 70’lik Absolut Pears Votka: 600,00 TL

• 70’lik Absolut Citron Votka: 600,00 TL

• 70’lik Absolut Lime Votka: 600,00 TL

• 70’lik Absolut Elyx Votka: 1.400,00 TL

• 150’lik Absolut Elyx Votka: 3.000,00 TL

• 300’lük Absolut Elyx Votka: 6.250,00 TL

Smirnoff Vodka Prices 2024

• 35’lik Smirnoff Votka: 315,00 TL

• 50’lik Smirnoff Votka: 425,00 TL

• 70’lik Smirnoff Votka: 559,00 TL

• 100’lük Smirnoff Votka: 765,00 TL

• 70’lik Smirnoff Green Apple Votka: 549,00 TL

• 70’lik Smirnoff North Votka: 485,00 TL

Gilbey’s Vodka Prices

• 35’lik Gilbey’s Votka: 245,00 TL

• 50’lik Gilbey’s Votka: 339,00 TL

• 70’lik Gilbey’s Votka: 459,00 TL

• 100’lük Gilbey’s Votka: 635,00 TL

Istanblue Vodka Prices 2024

• 35’lik İstanblue Votka: 235,00 TL

• 50’lik İstanblue Votka: 325,00 TL

• 70’lik İstanblue Votka: 439,00 TL

• 100’lük İstanblue Votka: 609,00 TL

Binboa Vodka Prices

• 35’lik Binboa Votka: 279,00 TL

• 70’lik Binboa Votka: 509,00 TL

• 100’lük Binboa Votka: 685,00 TL

Bazooka Vodka Prices 2024

• 35’lik Bazooka Votka: 225,00 TL

• 50’lik Bazooka Votka: 309,00 TL

• 70’lik Bazooka Votka: 410,00 TL

• 100’lük Bazooka Votka: 575,00 TL

Ketel One Vodka Prices 2024

• 70 lik Ketel One Votka: 1.025,00 TL

Wyborowa Vodka Prices 2024

• 35’lik Wyborowa Votka: 205,00 TL

• 50’lik Wyborowa Votka: 275,00 TL

• 70’lik Wyborowa Votka: 365,00 TL

• 100’lük Wyborowa Votka: 499,00 TL

Luksusowa Vodka Prices 2024

• 35’lik Luksusowa Votka: 205,00 TL

• 70’lik Luksusowa Votka: 365,00 TL

Lithuanian Vodka Prices 2024

• 35’lik Lithuanian Votka: 239,00 TL

• 50’lik Lithuanian Votka: 329,00 TL

• 70’lik Lithuanian Votka: 449,00 TL

• 100’lük Lithuanian Votka: 629,00 TL

Stumbras Centenary Vodka Prices

• 35’lik Stumbras Centenary Votka: 265,00 TL

• 50’lik Stumbras Centenary Votka: 365,00 TL

• 70’lik Stumbras Centenary Votka: 485,00 TL

• 100’lük Stumbras Centenary Votka: 675,00 TL

How to Drink Vodka?

Vodka is often drunk with fruit juice to lighten and flavor its taste. There are also a variety of different flavors in which you can drink vodka. Taste comes first and foremost. Which of these is your favorite? Answer this question for yourself and prepare a nice drink for yourself. In addition to the common flavors, perhaps you can find a special taste for your own palate.

It can be drunk with olives.

  • It goes well with walnuts and similar nuts.
  • You can make a cocktail with fruit juices.
  • As for temperature, vodka is drunk cold.
  • Drinking it with pickles is quite common in Russia.

Vodka Alcohol Ratio

Vodka is a very strong drink in terms of alcohol content. Although this rate may vary for some products, the alcohol content of standard vodka is 40%. The relevant information is stated on the outside of the product you will consume. Even if it is expensive or cheap, the alcohol content can change many things for vodka and can be a reason for preference.

What to drink vodka with?

There are foods that you can consume with it to suit every palate. They usually prefer to make cocktails with various fruit products. At the same time, vodka can be drunk with foods such as cherries and oranges. This is also the answer to the question of what to drink vodka with. Also, the taste of drinking with a vodka glass is different.

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