Facial gymnastics: what it is, benefits and illustrated exercises to combat wrinkles

Facial gymnastics: what it is, its benefits and illustrated exercises to combat wrinkles. In this article; Can facial exercises reduce wrinkles? What is facial gymnastics? Does facial gymnastics work? What is the best exercise for wrinkles? Do facial exercises make you look younger? Can facial exercises reverse the signs of aging? We have compiled all the questions about the answers to the questions and the benefits of facial exercises, the side effects of face yoga, before and after face yoga, and the side effects of facial exercise.

Facial gymnastics: what it is?

Facial gymnastics makes the face brighter and more toned, a study published in Jama Dermatology confirms. Scientists are convinced: after 20 weeks of gymnastics, the cheeks appear fuller and firmer and the face rejuvenates by three years.

This was demonstrated in the first scientific study of its kind, published by researchers at Northwestern University in the journal Jama Dermatology.

“There is now the first evidence that exercises with facial muscles can improve the appearance and reduce some of the visible signs of ageing,” notes Murad Alam, coordinator of the study. “The exercises serve to widen and lengthen the facial muscles, so that they become firmer and more toned and rejuvenate the face.

The study was conducted on 27 women between 40 and 65 years of age, who after attending two 90-minute sessions with an instructor continued to do their exercises (a series of 32, each for 1 minute) at home for 5 months. For the first 8 weeks they did them every day for 30 minutes, for the rest of the time every other day.

Want to achieve the same results? Be prepared to grimace in front of the mirror to reshape your face. After a few weeks, you will see incredible results without having to resort to botox.

Facial gymnastics (or facial yoga) is simply anti-ageing gymnastics to tone up the muscles of the face, a method that prevents and erases wrinkles or sagging skin thanks to exercises that contract the muscles of the face or neck.

There are many exercises, depending on the defect to be corrected.

Facial gymnastics for smile lines

These are exercises to tone the oval of the face and reduce the signs of ageing. The wrinkles that first appear are the genital nose wrinkles, i.e. the lateral folds that extend from the nose to the mouth.

They generally appear around the age of thirty, but much depends on the morphology of the face: in those with a thin or elongated face, the furrows are also noticeable from the age of 20 onwards.

In addition, if the skin is very dry and not very moisturised, the furrows become more noticeable. Of course age is inevitable, but you can always delay the appearance of smile lines with the right lifestyle.

According to some research, premature ageing is not just a genetic issue but the consequence of bad habits.

Facial gymnastics to tone up the eye orbicularis muscle
The eye contour muscle is comparable to the mouth contour muscle: both are very vulnerable and are prone to the appearance of fine lines with age.

Facial gymnastics exercises improve blood circulation and smooth out wrinkles.

Simple exercises done in front of the mirror (in the morning or evening) are enough to tone up the eye contour and frontal muscle and prevent droopy eyelids, often synonymous with ageing.

Facial gymnastics to tone the neck and eliminate double chin

The neck is unfortunately a real traitor: the slightest sign of slackness betrays your age with an unsightly double chin. The number one secret to keeping your neck toned and smooth? Work the long muscles in the neck to firm it up and improve blood circulation in the face.

The double chin, hated by both women and men, is caused by sagging skin and muscles, linked to various factors, such as age or the yo-yo effect with weight.

Whatever the trigger, the double chin unbalances the profile of the face and the desire to get rid of it is strong.

The facial gymnastics exercises we propose can help you tone your neck and also improve this unsightly defect. So before you think about surgery, try these exercises, designed to tone the muscles of the face that are not stressed in everyday life.

A natural and inexpensive method to combat double chin that will make you want to always walk tall!

Facial gymnastics: why do it

The older one gets, the more the muscle fibres are less toned, the facial features relax and the whole face sags.

The causes? An incorrect lifestyle (wrong diet, smoking, alcohol), incorrect skin care (unsuitable cosmetics, habit of not removing make-up), pollution and hormonal changes.

Facial gymnastics does not work miracles but, practised regularly, it can help improve your appearance and facial tone because the movement promotes blood circulation and makes the skin more elastic.

It is a discipline that can be practised anywhere, both at home and in the office, preferably every day for long-lasting results. It is suitable for both men and women, aged 20 and over.

Facial gymnastics: the benefits

Facial gymnastics is a technique that brings many benefits at no cost.

There are well over 70 muscles on the face. Keeping them trained is the best way to

  • counteract skin ageing.
  • Have a well-defined oval.
  • Stimulate microcirculation.
  • Increase collagen and elastin production.
  • Regain a more toned and radiant skin.

Facial gymnastics: at what age to start and for whom it is recommended
You don’t have to wait until you have wrinkles to do facial gymnastics. Better to start young to prevent wrinkles and preserve your youth and beauty capital.

From the age of 20 onwards, facial gymnastics helps delay the appearance of the first wrinkles. The muscles, which are very elastic at that age, will respond immediately.

If, on the other hand, you are just over 30, be aware that your facial muscles begin to sag, like the rest of your body. So yes to gymnastics to tone your body, but it is also important to spend time on your facial muscles.

Even at 50, 60, 70 years old…. it is never too late to start taking care of your skin. For deep reshaping, you have to be constant and patient and wait for the first results after a few months.

You will see your skin brighter and more toned, your facial expression changed. The only downside? For lasting results, you have to introduce facial gymnastics into your daily routine, like brushing your teeth and drinking water!

Facial gymnastics and the right lifestyle for smooth skin

To preserve your youthfulness, in addition to doing the facial gymnastics exercises, it is essential to drink at least 1.5 l of water a day and follow a balanced diet.

Dr Luca Piretta, nutritionist at SISA, claims that:

‘Nutrition is not the only element needed to maintain young skin. Genetics counts for a lot. But certainly the support of antioxidants in the diet is the healthiest and most effective way to fight free radicals and consequently to maintain the elasticity and functional capacity of the skin’.

Vegetable oils are also very beneficial because they contain vitamin E, the important thing is to choose the right one for your skin.

Facial gymnastics: illustrated exercises for eyes and forehead

1 – To lift drooping eyelids

Forcefully raise your eyebrows for 20 seconds without frowning. Try to raise them as high as possible and return to the starting position each time.

Pause and repeat the same movement 10 times.

2 – To deflate the eyes and flatten the forehead

Close your eyes and concentrate. Try to feel the presence of the orbicularis muscle surrounding the eye. To relax your eyes more, concentrate on your breathing and slowly feel your whole face relax.
Hold the position for 20 seconds.
Repeat 10 times.

3 – To eliminate dark circles under the eyes

Blink about ten times, then close them normally for 10 seconds without frowning. Concentrate on relaxing your face and breathing. Repeat the operation 10 times.

Relax all the other muscles in your face.

4 – To smooth out a lion’s wrinkle

Appoggia gli indici alla radice delle sopracciglia: prova a corrugare la fronte facendo resistenza con le 2 dita.

Mantieni la pressione per 20 secondi. Da ripetere 10 volte.

5 – To reduce crow’s feet

Close your eyes and bring your middle fingers to the outer corners of your eyes, pulling your eyelids towards your temples (chink eyes).

Try to open your eyes by forcing them open as far as possible. Hold the position for 20 seconds.

Repeat 10 times.

Illustrated exercises to combat smile lines and fill cheekbones

Facial gymnastics is also a very effective method for preventing or diminishing genital nose wrinkles.

Puffy cheeks like a puffer fish, smiles in front of the mirror… these are the grimaces of facial gymnastics that, while they put you in a good mood in front of the bathroom mirror, also help keep you young.

This facial fitness is the most fun anti-ageing method! Practised daily, it helps you have a more defined facial oval and stimulates blood circulation.

1 – Nose-labial wrinkles: phase 1

Inflate your cheeks and hold the position for 20 seconds. Relax.

Repeat for 10 times.

2 – Nose-labial wrinkles: phase 2

Inflate the left cheek to the top of the lip. Hold the position counting to 20.

Repeat 10 times.

3 – Nose-labial wrinkles: phase 3

Inflate the right cheek to the top of the lip. Hold the position counting to 20.

Continue repeating the movement, alternating the cheeks, for 10 times.

4 – High cheekbones (letter X)

Smile letting your teeth show and hold the position for 10 seconds.
Say out loud and accentuate the letter X for 10 seconds and return to the smile position.
Repeat for 10 times.

5 – High cheekbones (letter I)

Smile letting your teeth show and hold the position for 10 seconds.

Maintaining the smile, say out loud and accentuate the letter I for 10 seconds.

Repeat for 10 times.

6 – High cheekbones

Close your eyes and smile without showing your teeth by forcing your cheek muscles for 20 seconds.

Repeat for 10 times.

Illustrated exercises to prevent double chin and have a toned neck

Double chin: how to fight it
There are a few basic rules to follow to make sure you get the best results:

  • do the exercises slowly and calmly.
  • Repeat all the exercises at least 10 times and spend 5 minutes a day practising.
  • Do not contract the other parts of your face (eyebrows, forehead) while doing them.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly.
  • Are you over 40? In addition to neck gymnastics, remember to moisturise the skin in that area, which is very thin, with specific oils and creams.

1 – Toning the neck muscles

Sitting on a chair with your back straight, bring your head back and swallow 20 times. Return to the starting position and try to relax your neck and shoulders.

Repeat the movement 10 times.

2 – Tension and relaxation exercise

Rest your elbows on a table and bring your fists closed under your chin. Try to open your mouth. Your jaw must fight against the force of your fists.
Hold the position for 20 seconds.
Repeat 10 times.

2 – Reducing the double chin

With your head back, lift your jaw upwards by pushing your chin forward so that your lower teeth are in front of your upper teeth.
The muscles lengthen. Hold the position for 20 seconds and return to the starting position.
To relax all the muscles, grimace as if yawning.
Repeat the operation 10 times.

3 – Toning the oval of the face: phase 1

Bring your head back and turn it to the left, straining to look over your shoulder.
Hold the position for 20 seconds.
Repeat 10 times.

4 – Toning the oval of the face: phase 2

Perform the same movement while turning your head to the right.

5 – Toning the neck

Bring your head backwards, then return to the starting position and bring your head downwards, feeling your neck muscles lengthen. Perform slow movements for 20 seconds.

If you have balance problems, you can do the exercise sitting on a stool.

Repeat for 10 times.

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