How Much Is a Hair Transplant in Turkey 2024 I How Much is a Full Head Hair Transplant in Turkey?

How Much Is a Hair Transplant in Turkey 2024 I How Much is a Full Head Hair Transplant in Turkey?. Hair transplantation prices, which are very popular in Turkey in recent days, are also among the curious ones. So How Much Is Hair Transplant 2024 in Turkey? Before and after photos of hair transplantation in Turkey and Turkey’s best hair transplant centers are being wondered. Let’s find out why hair transplantation should be done in Turkey and the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey 2024.

How Much is a Hair Transplant in Turkey 2024

Turkey, a country with a rich culture and heritage, has now reached the highest level of medical and technological advances in the world. Although this whole process looks luxurious, involves a travel plan and has techniques that require the highest level of expertise, it is not as expensive as it seems. Hair transplantation in the West will cost you a fortune, but this is not the case in Turkey. You can get the highest quality service from experienced doctors at affordable prices. Hair transplantation is performed by trained professionals under highly hygienic conditions.

Turkey is one of the leading countries in medical tourism with one third of tourists coming for hair transplantation and plastic surgery. This is due to the high success rates, experienced and highly trained professionals and affordable prices of the surgeries. In medical practices, doctors and surgeons prove that they have the necessary skills and professionalism for the emerging concept of medical tourism.

Things to Consider in Hair Transplantation

Although the success rate of hair transplantation varies from person to person, it is 95% on average. Of course, this rate varies according to the technique used, the health status of the person, how much the doctor’s recommendations are followed after the operation and the quality of the procedure. However, this rate does not fall below 90%. For this reason, almost all patients achieve the look they dream of. In order to increase the perfection rate, the person who has hair transplantation should pay attention to some issues.

For example, they should thoroughly research the clinic and the doctor before the surgery and choose the appropriate treatment method. They should not wash their hair for 2 days after the surgery, should never touch the red scabs, should care as recommended by the doctor and should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Center?

* Make sure the clinic provides the right treatment for your needs.

There is no single hair loss treatment and hair loss occurs in various ways. Therefore, when choosing a hair transplant clinic, you need to know whether the clinic offers the treatment you need.

* Research Reviews Well.

The experience of the company that will perform the operation is the most important factor. You can be sure that you have found the right company by looking at the satisfaction of previous patients and before-and-after photos.

* Get Free Consultation Service.

Get one-on-one consultation from the clinic, find out which treatment you need and plan a treatment process accordingly.

* Find a center that uses the latest technology products.

It is the most advantageous option to have a hair transplant in a center that follows and adapts to today’s technology.

What is the Best Hair Transplant Technique?

Once you have decided to have a hair transplant, you will have decided on your doctor as a result of the necessary research. Now you need to find the most suitable hair transplant technique for you. You should consult your doctor and choose the one suitable for your hair structure from the techniques he will tell you. Then let’s take a look at the techniques the doctor will count.

Fue Hair Transplant Technique

The surgeon makes small holes in your scalp with a knife or needle in the area where the hair will be transplanted. He gently places the hair into these holes. Hundreds or even thousands of hair can be transplanted in one treatment session.

Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant Technique

In sapphire hair transplantation application, the grafts in the donor area are collected one by one and placed one by one in the micro channels opened with the help of sapphire-tipped blades in the hair transplantation area.

DHI Hair Transplant Technique

DHI technique applied with implanter pen is a direct hair transplantation application also known as CHOI pen technique and unshaven hair transplantation. In hair transplantation with the DHI technique, grafts taken from the donor area are directly transplanted into the recipient area.

How Much Are Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey?

Turkey plays an important role in world health tourism. Especially patients from abroad prefer Turkey in terms of both cost and quality. Experienced doctors and quality clinics provide services where you can find every treatment method suitable for you. The most curious issue is the cost of hair transplantation. In 2024, the average hair transplant fee in Turkey varies between 15,000 and 20,000 TL. However, do not forget that hair transplantation is personalized and the price is determined according to the patient’s needs.

What are the Average Hair Transplant Prices for 5000-5500 Grafts in 2024?

Hair transplant prices vary depending on many factors. In areas with high hair loss, 5000 grafts of hair transplantation is recommended. 5000 grafts correspond to 9000 – 1100 hair strands depending on the hair type of the person. 5000-5500 graft hair transplantation varies between 20,000 and 25,000 TL on average in 2024.

What are the Average Hair Transplant Prices for 4000-4500 Grafts?

For a 5000 graft hair transplant, it will be sufficient to have a 4000 graft hair transplant in an area where there is not enough hair loss. 4000 grafts correspond to 7200 – 8800 hair strands depending on the hair type of the person. 4000-4500 graft hair transplantation in 2023 varies between 15.000-20.000 TL depending on its quality.

What are the Average Prices for 3000-3500 Graft Hair Transplantation in 2024?

It will be sufficient to transplant 3000 grafts of hair in areas with low hair loss. 3000 grafts correspond to 5000-7500 hair strands depending on the hair type of the person. The price of 4000-4500 graft hair transplantation varies between 12.000-15.000 TL in 2023.

Are the World’s Best Hair Transplant Centers in Turkey?

Turkey is the most preferred country in the world in the field of aesthetic surgery and is a real medical tourism center. Since the early 2000s, Turkey has become the most popular hair transplant destination worldwide. But what is the reason for this?

Most clinics in Turkey offer comprehensive packages to their patients. These packages include all necessary medications, all transfers and free accommodation. There are no hidden costs, which does not raise the question of whether people can afford a hair transplant. Compared to hair transplant prices in other countries, the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is a third or a quarter, which is one of the reasons why Turkey is so popular. But the main thing is that you can get a very high quality service at these affordable prices. Specialist doctors, hygienic hospital environment, friendly staff and instant access to everything you need make Turkey number 1 in hair transplantation.

What are the Unknown Secrets of Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss is an uncomfortable problem that affects a large part of the population, including 85% of men and 40% of women, and its incidence increases with age in both sexes. Hair transplantation is a procedure that can be applied to both men and women with a certain degree of hair loss, although it occurs more frequently and earlier in men than in women. For example, male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is most common in men from the age of 35.

In some cases, this condition has been reported in 20-year-old men. A hair transplant is a procedure in which a plastic or dermatologic surgeon moves hair to a bald area of the head. The surgeon usually removes hair from the back or side, front or crown of the head. The hair transplant specialist first assesses the degree of hair loss and determines the best possible donor site. It is important that the hair surrounding the donor area is sufficient to hide possible scars, one of the common side effects of the procedure. Once the assessment is complete, the surgeon proceeds with the transplant procedure.

The patient is sedated and given local anesthesia, but in some cases general anesthesia is also provided. Improvements in the creation of the hairline and the placement of hair in thinning areas help to achieve natural-looking results. Thanks to these improvements, the results will look so natural that even your hairdresser or barber won’t notice anything!

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