How Much is the Netherlands Minimum Wage 2024? Netherlands Occupations and Salaries 2024

How Much is the Netherlands Minimum Wage 2024? Netherlands Occupations and Salaries 2024. As a result of the researches made by those who want to go abroad, one of the most curious countries is the Netherlands. As such, How Much is the Netherlands Minimum Wage 2024? is being wondered. Those who want to collect information about the Netherlands are also researching questions such as Netherlands Occupations and Salaries 2024, Netherlands Cost of Living, Can you live on minimum wage in the Netherlands? Let’s learn all the curious things together…

How Much is the Netherlands Minimum Wage 2024

In this article for those who want to work abroad and those who are curious about the salaries of different countries, we will try to give information about the Netherlands Minimum Wage 2024 and the cost of living in the Netherlands, the professions and salaries sought in the Netherlands 2024. Calculations in the Netherlands are not determined by a single item as in Turkey. Workers’ salaries are calculated and applied according to their age and working hours. Even among adults, there can be a difference of 300-400 euros.

Minimum wages in the Netherlands, which is a livable country in terms of living standards, ranks third in Europe according to Eurostat. In addition, the Netherlands ranks first in the world in terms of work-life balance. Working hours are 32 hours a week on average. In this way, people in the Netherlands can spend more time with their families. The minimum wage in the Netherlands is reviewed twice a year, in January and July.

The Dutch minimum wage is sufficient to maintain the welfare level and quality of life of individuals. Worldwide, the Netherlands ranks in the top 10 with its minimum wage. The weekly share of the minimum wage in the Netherlands is higher than the monthly minimum wage in Turkey.

Unlike other European Union countries, the minimum wage in the Netherlands shows a significant decrease from age 21 to age 15. For those aged 21 and over, €1750 gross per month is paid;

For 20 years old, it is €1380 gross per month,
1035 € gross per month for 19 year olds,
€862 gross per month for 18 year olds,
681 € gross per month for 17 year olds,
€595 gross per month for 16 year olds,
For 15 year olds, €517 is paid gross per month.

The minimum wage in the Netherlands is €1,756.20 for employees aged 21 and over as of July 1, 2022. When the 2023 Dutch minimum wage is determined, our website will be updated. has been.

Netherlands Occupations and Salaries 2024

With the high living standards in the Netherlands, one of the things to know is the Netherlands professions and salaries. The minimum wage in the Netherlands is set at 1,756.20 Euros. Let’s immediately say that the average salary in the country is 2150 Euros.

Family Physician Average salary € 3.600 – € 6.200
Academic Average salary €3,300 – €5,200
Lawyer Average salary €4,700 – €8,400
Biologist: Average salary €2,400 – €3,800
Dentist Average salary €3,450 – €5,300
Dental Technician Average salary €1,400 – €3,100
Dietitian Average salary €1.6850 – €3.650
Pharmacist Average salary around €3,300 – €4,400.
Real estate agent: Average salary €1,500 – €5,400
Finance Specialist Average salary €2,800 – €7,600
Graphic Designer: Average salary €1,800 – €2,900
Journalism Average salary €1,800 – €6,800
Judge Average salary €2,450 – €7,800
Nurse – Elderly Caregiver: Average salary €2,100 – €2,900
Hostess Average salary €1,950 – €2,900
Firefighter: Average salary €1,500 – €2,600
Captain Average salary €2,950 – €15,200
Architect Average salary €2,500 – €4,300
Engineer: (Civil, Electrical and Mechanical) Average salary €2,300 – €4,600
Teacher: Average salary €2,200 – €5,300
Pastry chef Average salary €1,850 – €2,400
Pilot: Average salary €2,350 – €16,500
Psychiatrist: Average salary €5,850 – €12,000
Driver: Average salary €1,800 – €2,950
Technician-Technician Average salary €1,800 – €5,200
Specialist Doctor Average salary €5,950 – €11,000
Veterinarian Average salary €2,200 – €5,400
Software Industry: Average salary €4,300 – €8,500
Agricultural Engineer Average salary € 4.400 – € 8.200

In the Netherlands, salaries are evaluated according to age and experience. Each sector has its own salary scale. Thanks to these predetermined scales, you can adjust your salary without being unfair. It is very normal in the Netherlands for many of my friends, including me, to receive a salary above the scale with their performance in interviews and what they bring in their CV. Since they cannot find enough labor force, they can go to different applications for the personnel they find.

Rights other than salary in the Netherlands

You do not only agree with the employer on salary. In addition, you have the chance to negotiate your secondary rights

Health Insurance discounts
Gym and Swimming Pool subscriptions
Dental and Physiotherapy Support
Travel allowances for your commute to and from work
Housing subsidies
Companies have separate budgets for each employee so that you can get a certificate or even a diploma from any university or private school if you wish.

On top of these, you are entitled to vacation on public holidays in the Netherlands (there are over 14 public holidays in the Netherlands); if you work on those days, you are entitled to overtime at specified rates. You can use your overtime either as money or as vacation days. You are entitled to at least 7 weeks of vacation: 2 weeks at Christmas, 1 week in May and 4 weeks during the summer holidays. You even receive a holiday allowance in May or June of each year in proportion to your salary. This figure varies between €1400 and €1800 for an individual with a gross salary of €3000.

What are the Most Earning Professions in the Netherlands?

The highest paid professions in the Netherlands are listed below.

Senior manager
Software Engineer
Product manager
IT manager
Project manager
Electrical engineer
Business development specialist
Finance Manager
Sales Manager
Is it possible to live on minimum wage in the Netherlands?

The cost of living in the Netherlands is especially high in large and highly populated cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Shopping and eating out in big cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam is known to be much more expensive than in smaller cities like Eindhoven or Groningen. The cost of living in the Netherlands ranges from a minimum of about 800-1000 euros per month for basic needs including food, rent, transportation, books and other expenses.

A one-bedroom apartment for rent in Amsterdam can cost between 1,000-1,900 euros per month, depending on which area one lives in. Three bedroom apartments in the center of Amsterdam start at around 2,100 euros. A one-bedroom apartment in the city center of The Hague costs around 900-1,750 euros per month. Renting an apartment in the Netherlands in a modest area suitable for a single person costs 419 euros per month.

Cost of Living in the Netherlands

Natural gas and electricity costs in the Netherlands are around 160 Euros for an 85 square meter apartment. Staple foods are not overly expensive in the Netherlands and general supermarkets such as Albert Heijn and Dirk offer reasonably priced products. A standard dinner in the Netherlands ranges from 10-15 Euro per person in a cheap restaurant and 40-90 Euro per person in an average restaurant.

Buying a new bicycle in the Netherlands costs around 250-500 Euros, while daily bicycle rental ranges from 10-40 Euros. A single train ticket in the Netherlands costs 4-5 Euros, a bus ticket 2 Euros, a daily ticket 8.5 Euros, trams 3-13 Euros, subways 1-3 Euros, ferries 1-2 Euros. Opening prices of taxis in the Netherlands are 7.5 Euro.

In the OECD Better Life Index, the country performs well when it comes to quality of life and well-being in the Netherlands and ranks top in work-life balance.

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How much are the house rents in the Netherlands?

One of the first financial factors that people who want to spend a long time in the Netherlands or settle in the country should look at is rents. Since the need for shelter will always be in question, rents are curious within the framework of Dutch living conditions. The rents of one-room houses in city centers are approximately 520 Euros. If you prefer to live in the districts, you can find a house at an average rent of 405 Euro. In 3-room houses, these rental prices are determined as 748 and 553 Euros.

What are the Dutch Grocery Prices?

After meeting your housing needs, you can switch to nutrition without wasting any time. Dutch living conditions offer you a very economical diet. It is enough to pay 0.55 Euro for bread. 12 eggs are priced at 1.80 Euro and a liter of milk is offered for sale at 1.25 Euro. The price of 1 kilogram of red meat is 17.6 Euros. Onions and potatoes cost around 1 Euro per kilogram. To buy 1.5 liters of water, you will have to pay 1.20 Euro.

What are the Transportation Costs in the Netherlands?

No matter which country you live in, you will encounter certain transportation fees. Public transportation tickets in the Netherlands are offered for sale at a price of 1.45 Euro. The opening fees of taxis are as high as 14 Euros, and if you want to issue a monthly public transportation card, it is enough to pay 30 Euros. The price of gasoline in the country is only 1 Euro per liter. Considering that vehicle prices are also affordable, buying a new vehicle may be the best move.

What is the Level of Service and Education Expenses in the Netherlands?

Internet has become one of the most indispensable services. You need to pay 50 Euros per month for ADSL in the country. For the total of your electricity, water and natural gas bills, it will be enough to pay 360 Euros. Those who want to become a member of the gym need to pay 62 Euros. The monthly fees for private schools are as high as 4200 Euros. If you want to send your children to kindergarten, you will have to pay an average of 315 Euros.

It is not very difficult to meet your clothing needs. In Dutch living conditions, you have to pay 25 Euros for a pair of jeans. For shoes, you will have to pay around 60 Euros. One-piece dresses preferred by women are also offered for sale at an average price of 70 Euros.

What are the food prices in Netherlands?

Dutch food prices are given in the table below.

Milk (1 liter) 1 euro
Bread (500 g) 1.88 euro
Rice (1 kg) 1.91 euro
Eggs (12 pieces) 1.95 euro
Cheese (1 kg) 11.11 euro
Chicken (1 kg) 8 euro
Red meat 26.14
Apples (1 kg) 2.63 euro
Tomatoes (1 kg) 2.54 euro
Water (1.5 liters) 0.68 euro
Beer (0.5 liters) 1,19 euro
Cigarettes (1 pack of 20) 8 euro

Dutch food and beverage prices vary according to the city, the brand, the market and the way the food is produced.

What are the Prices in Restaurants in Netherlands?

If you are one of those who like to eat out, we have good news for you. It is possible to fill up with only 10 Euros. If you eat for two in a quality restaurant, you may have to pay 55 Euros. The average price of a menu in fast food companies is 5.5 Euros. You can sit in a cafe and drink a quality coffee for 3 Euros. It will be enough to pay 2 Euros for a cola.

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