How Much is the Romanian Minimum Wage 2024? Romania Occupations and Salaries 2024

How Much is the Romanian Minimum Wage 2024? Romania Occupations and Salaries 2024. Romania is one of the most curious countries as a result of the researches made by those who want to go abroad. As such, How Much is Romania Minimum Wage 2024 is being wondered. Those who want to collect information about Romania are also researching questions such as Romania Occupations and Salaries 2024, Romania Cost of Living, Can you live on minimum wage in Romania? Let’s learn all the curious things together…

How Much is the Romanian Minimum Wage 2024

In this article for those who want to work abroad and those who are curious about the salaries of different countries, we will try to give information about Romania Minimum Wage 2024 and Romania cost of living, Romania sought-after professions and salaries 2024. After the inflation that has affected the whole country in recent days, Romania has also been affected. Located at the intersection of Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Southeastern Europe, Romania is neighboring Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine, Hungary and Bulgaria.

The language of Romania is Romanian and the currency is the Romanian leu. The Euro is also used in Romania. After Hungary and Bulgaria, Romania has the third lowest minimum wage in the European Union and in 2022 the minimum wage in Romania is 516 Euro and 2.500 Romanian Lei. When the 2024 Romanian Minimum Wage is determined, our website will be updated.

Job opportunities in Romania are abundant in the service, agriculture, industry and construction sectors. As Romania job opportunities, the most preferred field for employees in these periods is the service field. The number of unemployed people working in Romania is small. Working hours in Romania are 8 hours a day. Weekly working hours are 40 hours. The annual leave of persons is determined as 20 days. In Romania, there is a system where a person can work hourly.

Romania Occupations and Salaries 2024

Average salary in Romania; 3132 R. Leyi .
Salary of an accountant in Romania; 4261 R. Leyi
Salary of a secretary in Romania; 2505 R. Leyi
Office assistant salary in Romania; 2757 R. Leyi
Farmer’s salary in Romania; 1846 R. Leyi .
Salary of a veterinarian in Romania; 5827 R. Leyi
Salary of a car mechanic in Romania; 3540 R. Leyi .
Salary of an auto electrician in Romania; 3791 R. Leyi
Salary of an automobile engineer in Romania; 5827 R. Leyi
Salary for a financial advisor in Romania; 5827 R. Leyi
Bricklayer salary in Romania; 2852 R. Leyi
Construction worker salary in Romania; 2757 R. Leyi
Crane operator salary in Romania; 4480 R. Leyi
Architect salary in Romania; 5073 R. Leyi
Engineer’s salary in Romania; 5889 R. Lei
Salary of an electrical engineer in Romania; 5918 R. Leyi
Salary of a mechanical engineer in Romania; 5358 R. Leyi
Salary for civil engineering in Romania; 5514 R. Leyi
Salary of a welder in Romania; 3993 R. Leyi
Salary of a roofer in Romania; 2567 R. Leyi
Salary of a mechanic in Romania; 3791 R. Leyi
Receptionist salary in Romania; 2316 R. Leyi
English teacher salary in Romania; 4039 R. Leyi

Teacher salary in Romania; 4352 R. Leyi
Salary of an interpreter in Romania; 3820 R. Leyi
Translator salary in Romania; 4195 R. Leyi
Dentist salary in Romania; 12.406 R. Leyi
Doctor’s salary in Romania; 10.085 R. Leyi
Medical assistant salary in Romania; 3037 R. Leyi
Salary of a nurse in Romania; 5135 R. Leyi
Lawyer’s salary in Romania; 7579 R. Lei
Cook’s salary in Romania; 2411 R. Leyi
Salary of a hotel worker in Romania; 2254 R. Leyi
Salary of a waiter in Romania; 1817 R. Leyi
Salary of a cleaning worker in Romania; 2097 R. Leyi
Maid salary in Romania; 1912 R. Leyi
Electrician salary in Romania; 3948 R. Leyi .
Machine operator salary in Romania; 3569 R. Leyi .
CNC operator salary in Romania; 2852 R. Leyi
Babysitter’s salary in Romania; 1661 R. Leyi
Salary for a childminder in Romania; 2819 R. Leyi
Salary for an elderly caregiver in Romania; 2316 R. Leyi
Salary of a security guard in Romania; 2316 R. Leyi
Night watchman salary in Romania; 1504 R. Leyi

What are the living conditions like in Romania?

Living conditions in Romania are similar to living conditions in Turkey. Romania is a country that can be considered cheap in general except for some central regions. The Romanian minimum wage is approximately 2170 Romanian Lei. In other words, it is necessary to pay attention to the expenses made while calculating the cost of living.

Especially those who work and live in Bucharest should pay more attention to their expenses. House rents in Bucharest are 1300 Romanian Lei for an average house. In other words, the biggest expense of a person working with minimum wage is the house rent. Of course, it is possible to rent a house at more affordable prices in cities other than Bucharest.

The cost of living in Romania varies depending on the region you are in. In general, a single person can easily live on the minimum wage, but for a family with children to live a prosperous life, at least two members of the family must be working. In this way, a comfortable life can be sustained.

How much are the house rents in Romania?

Although we can’t tell you the exact cost of renting a house in Romania, according to Statista, the average monthly cost of a furnished one-bedroom apartment in some European cities is as follows.

Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the center; 1423
Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in neighborhoods far from the city center; 1028
Rent for 3 bedroom apartment in the center; 2388
Rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in districts far from the city center; 1735
Romania Market Prices

Grocery shopping is one of the most important basic expenses for people living and working in Romania. Grocery prices in Romania:

1 kg of rice: 8,12 Euro,
12 eggs: 1.48 euros,
1 liter of milk: 1.31 euros,
1 kg of chicken meat: 3,27 euros,
1 kg of potatoes: 0.47 euros,
1 kg onion 1,44 euros,
1.5 liters of water: 1.58 Euro
1 kg of sugar: 0,92 Euro.

If you want to eat one pizza at Domino’s Pizza, the average price you will pay is 4,93 Euro. If you want to eat a Big Mac Menu, the price you will pay will be 3,68 Euro.

Transportation Prices in Romania

If you are thinking of living in Romania, you will need to calculate how you will provide transportation and how much your transportation expenses will be. If you plan to use public transportation in Romania, you will need to set aside 0.53 Euro for a one-way public transportation ticket and 14.79 Euro for a monthly public transportation card.

If you are planning to get around by taxi, you should know that the taxi opening fee is 0.56 Euro and the one-hour journey by taxi is 4.22 Euro.

Living on Minimum Wage in Romania

Now that we have learned how much the minimum wage is in Romania, it is time to talk about living on minimum wage in Romania… If you have decided to live and work in Romania, you will first need to calculate how much your expenses are.

People who are thinking of working in Romania should first do a research on how much it will cost to live and work here. In order to help you, we will try to give you an idea about how much your basic income expenses will be on average.

When you start living in this country, your first basic expense will of course be the house rent. House rents in Romania:

For example, if you plan to live in a one-room house in Bucharest, the average rent is 260 Euros,
If you plan to live in a two-bedroom house, the average rent is around 550 euros.
For those planning to live in Calosvar, the average rent for a one-room house is 250 Euro and the average rent for a 2-room house is 450 Euro.
If you are planning to live in Tamisvar, you will have to pay an average of 200 Euros for a one-room house and 360 Euros for a 2-room house.

If you live in an 80 square meter house in Romania, the bills (electricity, water, natural gas) come to around 95,29 Euros on average. If you intend to use the internet at home, you will have to pay an average of 7.71 Euros per month.

Working Conditions in Romania

After giving all the information about the minimum wage in Romania, it is time to look at the working conditions and hours in Romania. In Romania, there is a labor shortage mostly in the service, industry, construction and agriculture sectors. It is known that the number of unemployed in Romania is quite low.

In order to work in Romania, you must fulfill some conditions. The conditions for working in Romania are as follows:

The person who wants to work must first find a job in Romania,
Once the person has found a job, they must apply for a work permit from the organization where they will work,
In order for the person to be granted a work permit, the Chinese organization must sign an employment contract with the person.
After the person receives the work permit, he/she must now obtain a work visa.

What are the Working Hours in Romania?

Someone working full-time in Romania has to work 8 hours a day. On a weekly basis, they work for a maximum of 48 hours.

Things to Know About Romania

Romania is a country in south-eastern Central Europe, north of the Balkan Peninsula. The country borders Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. It also borders the Black Sea to the east. It has the 7th largest surface area and 9th largest population among the member states of the European Union. Bucharest, the capital and largest city of the country, is the 6th largest city in the European Union with a population of 2.2 million.

Sibiu, a major city in the Erdel region, was named European Capital of Culture 2007. Romania is a member of international organizations such as the European Union, the Latin Union, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Francophone. Romania is the 12th country with the largest surface area in Europe and its territory occupies 0.16% of the world. Most of the border with Bulgaria and Serbia is bordered by the Danube River and the south, southwest, west and northeast of the country is surrounded by this river and its tributaries.

In addition, the Tisza, a tributary of the Danube, crosses part of Romania’s border with Ukraine and enters the territory of Hungary. Therefore, the Danube is of invaluable importance for Romania. The country’s territory is one of the most mountainous in Europe, except in the south and east. The most important mountains are the Carpathian Mountains and there are more than forty mountains over 2,000 meters high.

Romania is a secular state and has no official religion. According to the 2002 census, 86.7% of the country is Orthodox. This is followed by Catholicism with 4.7%, Protestantism with 3.7% and Pentecostalism with 1.5%. Although Islam is a historic religion in Romania, it is only prevalent among the 67,500 Turks and Tatars living in Dobrudja. Romania’s capital Bucharest is also the country’s largest and most developed city. Its population is 1,931,838 according to the 2007 census. This population increases to 2.1 million when the metropolitan area is included.

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