How to Become a Google Ads Expert? Google Adwords Expert Salaries 2024

How to Become a Google Ads Expert? Google Adwords Expert Salaries 2024. Nowadays, most businesses rely on Google AdWords ads to get instant feedback from their potential customers. Businesses and brands can make advertising activities according to their budgets thanks to Google AdsWors experts. With the development of technology and the increase in online shopping, the demand for Google AdWords experts has also increased. In this article, How to Become a Google Ads Expert? What Does Google Ads Specialist Do? How Much Are Google Adwords Expert Salaries 2024? You can find answers to the questions.

How to Become a Google Ads Expert?

Google Ads is a platform that allows businesses to gain visibility from the search results of their websites and Google pays per click. Google AdWords Specialist is also an expert in Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). In order to become a Google Ads expert, professional experience is required. In addition to professional experience, they must be successful by participating in Google Academy and Google Partners certification exams.

In order to become a Google Academy certified Google AdWords expert, you must pass at least 2 of the 7 AdWords expertise exams conducted by the Google Academy for Ads with over 80%.

What Does Google Ads Specialist Do?

The job responsibilities of Google Ads experts are as follows:

Check the current performance of Google Ads

A Google Ads Expert needs to evaluate how ads are performing to determine what is working and what is not. They do this by checking various metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, conversion rate, cost and click-through rate.

Google Ads targeting

Targeting is very important as it helps to focus the delivery of ads to the ideal customer or prospect. Some of the targeting options that a Google Ads Expert will review include location and device targeting for campaigns, as well as demographics, in-market and remarketing audiences.

Launching new campaigns

A Google Ads Specialist reviews existing keywords and researches new keywords. When new keywords align with advertising goals, they create and launch new ad groups or campaigns. Besides search campaigns, they can also create display, video, shopping and other types of campaigns.

Optimizing campaigns

Google Ad Specialists are responsible for managing campaigns and optimizing them to achieve the best possible results. This includes adding negative keywords, adjusting targeting, changing bids.


A Google Ads Specialist monitors a campaign and shares appropriate performance reports. This can be weekly or monthly depending on the campaign and the account managed.

Google Ads Specialists’ tasks in a nutshell:

  • Selecting keyword match types and analyzing search queries.
  • Comparing performance with key competitors.
  • Creating appropriate ad extensions.
  • Managing bidding strategies and adjusting campaign settings.
  • Selecting bid adjustments to maximize performance.
  • Creating and testing new ad variations.
  • Making changes to improve the performance of the account.

Google Adwords Expert Salaries 2024

The most important factor affecting the salary of a Google Adwors expert is their experience. Google Adwords experts have two different working options. First, large companies employ Adwords experts within their own organization. Depending on your experience, you can work in a large company with a salary of 30-50 thousand dollars.

The second option is to work with a Freelance AdWords Expert. Working with a freelance expert varies depending on experience and expertise, as well as the advertising budget of the business to be served and the demands of the customer. For businesses that do not have the budget to host an AdWords expert, working with a Freelance AdWords Expert is a very economical option.

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