Interesting Red Cloud Seen Before Earthquake in Turkey

Interesting Red Cloud Seen Before Earthquake in Turkey. Cloud over turkey before earthquake. Interesting Red Cloud Seen Before Earthquake in Turkey. Two weeks before the tragic earthquake in Turkey and Syria, a strange red UFO-like cloud was spotted in Turkey. It struck near the Turkish city of Kahramanmaraş at 04:17 local time on Monday, February 6, and tremors were felt in Syria, Lebanon and Israel.

Strange Red Cloud Over Turkey Before The Earthquake

On January 20, just two weeks before the deadly earthquake, a strange cloud was captured over Bursa, a city in northwestern Turkey. The mesmerizing cloud was a huge red and orange spiral with dark patches around the edges, resembling an eerie UFO.

An interesting image in the sky in Bursa became an agenda on social media. The cloud type known as the lens cloud was seen in Bursa’s Kestel, Gürsu, Yıldırım, Osmangazi and Nilüfer districts and remained in the sky for an hour. Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Meteorology Department Dr. Lecturer Deniz Demirhan made statements about the cloud, which has an oval structure and resembles a UFO.

“These clouds occur in conditions of strong winds and wind speed changes with height”

Meteorologist Dr. Faculty Member Demirhan said, “These UFO-looking clouds are called Lenticular or Lens clouds. These usually occur on the tops of mountains, but as far as I can see, this time it happened on top of a building. These clouds occur in conditions where strong winds and wind speed change with height. So there was a wind speed in Bursa that increased with height, and there was a strong lodos on the ground.

The strong wind on the ground created a favorable environment for the formation of lens clouds. Since this cloud is in the evening hours, it appears with a red appearance. Because there is evening redness in the evening hours. Radiation from the sun is subjected to scattering on its way to Earth. Blue light is scattered the most, but since the distance between the earth and the sun gets longer in the evening hours, we see red light more clearly.”

“It is a natural phenomenon, a natural beauty that is completely unconnected with anything”

Demirhan noted the following: “With the evening redness, the color of the cloud has turned red and it has become a cloud that can be interpreted in different ways such as ‘I wonder if there will be an earthquake? But this is a natural phenomenon, a natural beauty that is completely unconnected with anything. Observed around 2,000 meters, this cloud is likely to form if there is a strong wind and the speed of the wind changes with height, if meteorological conditions are met.

We used to see this cloud on the tops of mountains in the US, but now it is also happening in our country. This is a completely normal situation. If the wind is strong with the movement from the ground upwards and the speed of the wind changes upwards, it means that the appropriate conditions are provided for the formation of this cloud.”

What is the red cloud seen before the earthquake in Turkey?

“Lenticular clouds form from a natural interaction of the air with mountains,” Mark Wysocki, senior lecturer in Cornell University’s Earth and Atmospheric Sciences department, told Reuters by email. A diagram illustrating this process provided by Wysocki is viewable

“And earthquakes form from the natural movement of the Earth’s crust. The two are not connected and one does not cause the other,” he said.

Scientists have detailed what contributed to the severity of the Feb. 6 earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria, an area that includes the East Anatolian Fault. A Reuters explainer is viewable

There is “NO science” linking clouds to earthquakes, Harold Tobin, a professor in the University of Washington’s Earth and Space Sciences department, told Reuters by email.

Tobin also pointed to the wide distance between Karahmanmaras in Turkey’s extreme southeast, the epicenter of the Feb. 6 earthquake, and Bursa, about 1,000 kilometers away, where the lenticular cloud was registered two weeks earlier (bit.ly/40N44an). “This is an absolutely absurd claim,” he told Reuters.

Dale R. Durran, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington, concurred that Bursa’s lenticular cloud “had nothing to do with the earthquake.”

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