Minimum Wage in Georgia 2024

Minimum Wage in Georgia 2024. In this article, we have included Georgia 2024 Minimum wage and cost of living in Georgia, Rents in Georgia 2024 and all the curious ones.

How Much is the Minimum Wage in Georgia 2024

In recent years, many people want to work abroad and continue their lives abroad. Both economic difficulties and those who want to study abroad, especially those who want to study abroad, are investigating neighboring countries close to Turkey. How Much is the Minimum Wage 2023 for Georgia, one of the most researched countries in recent days? the question is being wondered.

Georgia is one of the most preferred countries for those who want to work abroad with being close to Turkey. Georgia, which borders our province of Artvin and Ardahan, is one of the countries where Turks often organize touristic trips. However, there are hundreds of tourists coming to our country from Georgia. Georgian citizens used to come to our country during tea picking time and work as tea pickers in the Black Sea.

As such, Georgia, one of the countries where we can go visa-free, is a subject of curiosity with everything. Especially with the appreciation of other currencies against the Turkish Lira, Turkish citizens are investigating the living conditions of other countries and the minimum living wage of that country, Georgia Minimum Wage 2024.

The minimum wage in Georgia, whose currency is Lari, is 700 Lari. When we translate this into Turkish Lira, it corresponds to 4288 Turkish Lira. If the Georgian minimum wage is calculated in Euros, it is 233 Euros. 2024 Georgia When the minimum wage is determined, our site will be updated.

Georgia Occupations and Salaries 2024

When determining the minimum wage in Georgia, it is useful to take age, sector and different factors into account. Because in this country, a personalized salary is determined. The minimum wages that people receive may vary according to the sectors. The highest salaries in the country where salaries are given according to occupational groups in the country

Doctors receive it. On average, a doctor receives 13,000 Lari. After doctors, another area with high salaries are the professions that deal with oil. The salaries of these professional groups vary between 8 and 9 thousand Lari. These figures may vary according to people’s competencies, positions and age.

Professionals working for a lower minimum wage earn between 350 and 500 Lari. In general, most professions receive an average salary of 700 Lari. The minimum wage in Georgia has been set at least 300 Lari since 2021. This corresponds to 1.586,40 Turkish Lira in our money. The average minimum wage is 326 Lari. We can say that with the last determined year 2021, the Minimum Wage in Georgia, which is currently ongoing, has been determined by the government as 93.16 Euros. In 2022, in the country where there is still no minimum wage determination, employees can receive the lowest salary of 93.16 Euros in Euros.

Below you can find the Georgian Profession and Salaries 2024 List in dollars.

  • Georgia doctor salaries: 2 thousand dollars
  • Dentist salaries: 1,400 dollars
  • Lawyer salaries Thousand dollars
  • Teacher salaries 850 dollars
  • Engineer salaries 1,200 dollars
  • Office worker salaries: 800 dollars
  • Secretary salaries 800 dollars
  • Waiter salaries 450 dollars
  • Driver salaries 500 dollars
  • Cook salaries 600 dollars
  • Construction foreman 450 dollars
  • Welder 400 dollars
  • Electrician 400 dollars
  • Barber 300 dollars

Cost of Living in Georgia

A liter of gasoline is approximately €0.76. It is more or less expensive in Istanbul, but due to the recent fluctuation in exchange rates, our purchasing power in Georgia has dropped considerably, so the Cost of Living in Georgia has increased slightly. But in general we can say that it is similar to Turkey. Therefore, you will not see a very different pricing.

If you are going to work and live in Georgia, we are sure that you are also curious about the cost of living in Georgia. If you work in Georgia, you can easily make a living. We give you the minimum expenditures for a single person below.

  • Rent: 400 Lari = 135 dollars
  • Electricity bill 25 Lari = 8.5 dollars
  • Water bill 10 Lari = 3.5 dollars
  • Natural gas bill 55 Lari = 18 dollars
  • Internet bill 20 Lari = 7 dollars
  • Phone bill 35 Lari = 12 dollars
  • Grocery expenses 400 Lari = 135 dollars
  • Restaurant and cafe expenses: 200 Lari = 70 dollars

That is a total of 1,145 Lari or 389 Dollars. On average, the expenses of a single person living alone are like this in Georgia.

Rental House Prices in Georgia

The highest house rents in Batumi are in the capital Tbilisi. We will give you examples from this city. It is possible to say that rents are lower in other cities.

  • Price of 1+1 studio house for rent in Tbilisi: 500 lari
  • 2+1 house for rent at the price: 700 lari
  • Price of 3+1 house for rent: 1000 lari

Rents may vary according to the luxury status, proximity to the center and size of the houses.

Living in Georgia

  • Georgia has close to 4 million inhabitants and the most populated city is the capital Tbilisi. It has 1.114 million inhabitants.
  • Azeris and Armenians make up the majority of the population.
  • The climate is not very different from Turkey. Summers are warm and dry, while winters are snowy and cold.
  • The temperature is between -3 °C and 32 °C.
  • Georgia is among the developing countries. Its economy depends on agriculture, industry and service sectors.
  • Tourism is developed.
  • It is a culturally rich country.
  • Social life in Georgia is very active.
  • It is a country that contains many people who come to work from abroad because it is cheap and economically competent.

Things to Know About Georgia

  • The most important points that people who will go with a passport should pay attention to are the entry and exit to South Ossetia and Abkhazia. People whose passports are stamped with the entry or exit stamps of South Ossetia or Abkhazia, regions that Georgia does not recognize, may face fines and/or imprisonment.
  • It is very difficult to follow the current exchange rate of the Lari, the Georgian currency. For this reason, it is useful to use Coinmill’s converter to answer the questions “How many Lari is 1 TL?” or “How many TL is 1 Lari?”.
  • Georgia ranks among the top countries in Eastern Europe in terms of security. Since the penalties in the country are very high, the crime rate here is quite low.
  • Turkish cuisine and Georgian cuisine are very similar. However, some foods that are familiar to us may contain alcohol before cooking. Those who are sensitive about alcohol should ask about the way the dishes are made.
  • The rate of people who speak English in Georgia is quite low, but in areas such as Batumi and Tbilisi, where
  • Turkish tourists frequent, there are people who speak Turkish at a level that can be communicated with.
  • Azerbaijani Turks also have a considerable population in the region.
  • Georgians use a special alphabet that is not similar to other alphabets and does not distinguish between upper and lower case letters. It is impossible to find signs written in Latin letters except in very special places.
  • For this reason, it may be useful to take a small Turkish-Georgian dictionary with you.

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