How Much is the Minimum Wage in Azerbaijan 2024? Azerbaijan Occupations and Salaries 2024

How Much is the Minimum Wage in Azerbaijan 2024? Azerbaijan Occupations and Salaries 2024. Those who want to collect information about Azerbaijan are also researching questions such as Azerbaijan Occupations and Salaries 2024, Azerbaijan Cost of Living, Can you live on minimum wage in Azerbaijan? Let’s learn all the curious things about living in Azerbaijan together…

How Much is the Minimum Wage in Azerbaijan 2024

We will try to give information about Azerbaijan Minimum Wage 2024 and Azerbaijan cost of living, Azerbaijan sought-after professions and salaries 2024. Azerbaijan is among the favorite countries with its underground resources and the momentum it has achieved in terms of economy in recent years. In addition to its industry, it is among the countries with low energy dependence thanks to its resources, especially natural gas.

Azerbaijan, which can be traveled to and from Turkey with an identity card, is among the countries that feel closest due to Turkish culture. Turkey’s sister country Azerbaijan is curious about the economic situation. With the fall of the Turkish lira, the Azerbaijani currency Manat also gained great value. There were even people coming from Turkey to shop.

The Minimum Wage in Azerbaijan is 750 Manat as of 2024, but the equivalent of this money in TL is 7155TL. Although the economic developments in Azerbaijan are slow, it can be said that there is a serious rise. The most important reason for Azerbaijan’s development is that it meets its share in production in the industrial sector with its own means.

The foundations of the petroleum industry and heavy industry have been established and have taken their current form. In addition, there have been developments in by-products and natural gas industry.

Azerbaijan Occupations and Salaries 2024

Average salary in Azerbaijan; 490 A. Manat
Workers’ salary in Azerbaijan; 378 A. Manat
Salary of a waiter in Azerbaijan; 345 A. Manat
Salary of a construction foreman in Azerbaijan; 400 A. Manat
Salary of an accountant in Azerbaijan; 600 A. Manat
Childcare salary in Azerbaijan; 231 A. Manat
Architect salary in Azerbaijan; 673 A. Manat
Dentist salary in Azerbaijan; 1740 A. Manat
Doctor’s salary in Azerbaijan; 1415 A. Manat
Salary of a nurse in Azerbaijan: 720 A. Manat
Salary of an electrical engineer in Azerbaijan; 830 A. Manat
English translator salary in Azerbaijan; 504 A. Manat
Lawyer salary in Azerbaijan; 1060 A. Manat
Salary of a mechanical engineer in Azerbaijan; 750 A. Manat
Teacher salary in Azerbaijan; 610 A. Manat
Salary of a secretary in Azerbaijan; 351 A. Manat
Salary of a plumber in Azerbaijan; 380 A. Manat

Working Conditions in Azerbaijan

Working conditions in Azerbaijan are similar to those in Turkey in many respects. Although there is an official working hour, employees in many sectors in Azerbaijan work overtime. Of course, overtime wages are paid to employees in full. However, employees are forced to work overtime hours not by choice but by necessity. This situation varies from sector to sector.

The minimum wage is clearly defined in the country. Despite this, the salary amount of each sector is different.

Azerbaijan is among the countries with the least unemployment problem. Especially in the summer months, there is a huge deficit in the construction sector. Salaries vary according to skilled and unskilled workers. The country with the highest intensity of labor migration to Azerbaijan is Turkey.

Azerbaijanis who go to Azerbaijan to work generally prefer the construction sector. The average monthly income of workers working in the construction sector is around 600 manat.

Where is Azerbaijan?

With 59 states and 75 cities, Azerbaijan is located on the point where Western Asia and Eastern Europe meet. It is bordered by Armenia to the west, Georgia to the northwest, Iran to the south and Russia to the north. The Caspian Sea is located in the right part of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has a border of 17 kilometers with Turkey. It is 114th in the world surface measurement ranking.

What is the Population of Azerbaijan?

According to wolrdometers.info, the population of Azerbaijan country in 2022 is 10,139,177. In terms of population, it ranks 90th in the world. It can be said that the population growth rate is close to the world average.

While 52% of Azerbaijan’s population lives in cities, the rest lives in rural areas. The male and female population is almost equal. According to the measurements made, 49.9% of the population consists of men and 50.1% of women.

What is the Currency of Azerbaijan?

The official currency of Azerbaijan is the Azerbaijani Manat. Manat is one of the most stable and stable currencies in the world. Its value has been stable for many years and is constantly on the rise. It is seen in stock exchanges as AZN.

1 Azerbaijani Manat is equal to 4 Turkish Liras. Azerbaijan’s currency is sometimes more valuable than currencies such as the dollar and the euro. In 2004, with the economic change, the economy of Azerbaijan has developed. Manat is printed and distributed by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan.

What is the Official Language of Azerbaijan?

Many languages are spoken in Azerbaijan. The most widely known and spoken language in the country is Azeri Turkish. Since 94% of the population knows this language, it can be said that it is used as the mother tongue. It has similar aspects with Turkey Turkish.

Apart from Azeri Turkish, the most widely spoken language in the country is Russian. English is spoken as a foreign language. Most of the population can speak English. Azerbaijan is among the countries that provide the best English language education.

What is the time difference between Azerbaijan and Turkey?

The time difference between Azerbaijan and Turkey is 1 hour. Azerbaijan is 1 hour ahead of Turkey. When the clocks in Turkey are 20.00, the clocks in Azerbaijan show 21.00.

Azerbaijan Economy

Declaring independence in 1991, Azerbaijan’s economy was in turmoil at that time. The economic changes in 2004 and the solid foundation of the currency ensured the development of the economy.

The country of Azerbaijan, iron, oil and natural gas resources are among the building blocks of its economy. Light industry, clothing and food sector are important for Azerbaijan’s economy. Azerbaijan, which is among the developing countries of the world, has started to have a say with capital increase.

Social Life in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani social life is slightly different from that in Turkey. People are especially interested in music. Almost every Azerbaijani citizen is interested in musical instruments. Literature and painting arts are highly developed. Book reading rates are above world standards.

The level of culture is quite developed. The number of libraries and the number of people reading books in libraries is high. Cinema, opera and theater have audiences from all walks of life. People generally do not like to watch TV series.

What are the Living Conditions in Azerbaijan?

Living conditions in Azerbaijan are similar to living conditions in Turkey. The currency of Azerbaijan, which has developed economically especially in recent years, is more valuable than the Turkish currency. Azerbaijan can be considered as a cheap country. Life in the capital Baku offers a comfortable life for people in many respects.

Working conditions in Azerbaijan are extremely ideal. Working hours are from 8 am to 5 pm. If you want to work and live in Azerbaijan, you can easily save money by managing your expenses correctly with the manat currency.

Living conditions and costs in Azerbaijan are extremely affordable. Expenses such as rent, kitchen expenses, transportation and fuel can be easily met with an average salary. In addition, it can be said that the salary received is sufficient for additional expenses. Suitable opportunities are offered to people who want to make savings.

Living in Azerbaijan

While you can easily meet your needs with the minimum wage in Azerbaijan, you can also do your social activities. Rental prices in Azerbaijan vary between 150 manat and 250 manat on average. The specified prices are valid for an average house. Communication of basic needs and food costs is enough for 100 manat per month. Bills are also included in this.

On average, living expenses in Azerbaijan vary between 250 manat and 350 manat per month. Of course, being economical while making your expenses will make it easier for you to meet your other needs or make savings.

In addition to cheap living conditions, Azerbaijan is a social country as an art and entertainment center. Many intercity events are organized every year. Especially ballet and opera performances, which are exhibited worldwide, attract art enthusiasts from all over the world to Azerbaijan. The most popular branch of art in the country is music.

On average, almost everyone knows how to play a musical instrument. In this context, Azerbaijan is a country that hosts many music-related events.

In the light of all this information, those who want to work and live in Azerbaijan can live comfortably with minimum wage. In addition, you will have enough opportunities to benefit from Azerbaijan’s cultural and social richness and taste its local flavors.

Food prices in Azerbaijan:
Bread; 0.26
A dozen eggs; 2.09
1 liter of milk; 1.55
Cheese; 6.32
Potatoes; 0.88
Onion; 0.68
Tomato; 1.33
Lettuce; 0.72
Apple; 1.31
Orange; 2.31
1.5 liters of water; 0.84
0.5l domestic beer; 1,43
0.33l foreigner; 3,10

Transportation prices in Azerbaijan:
Single public transportation ticket; 0,32
Monthly public transportation card; 19.11
Taxi opening fee; 1.91
1 kilometer taxi fare; 0.64
1 hour by taxi; 3.18
1 liter of gasoline; 1.01
House rent prices in Azerbaijan:
Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in a central residential area; 530
Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the suburbs: 265

Cost of Living in Azerbaijan

Education Fees

Azerbaijani universities are gradually strengthening their position in the world due to the high quality of education, joint education programs with other world-renowned universities and affordable tuition fees.

The tuition fees of universities in Azerbaijan vary according to the university to be studied, the academic success of the university, the department to be chosen, the city where the university is located and the language of education.

Tuition fees generally vary between $ 800-2500 per year. In health departments, annual tuition fees are generally between $ 3000-4000. In the Azerbaijan education system, undergraduate education is generally 4 years, master’s education is 2 years, and doctoral education is 3 years. In addition, medical education is 6 years, pharmacy is 4 years and dentistry is 5 years.

Accommodation Expenses

After tuition fees, one of the most important payments for students who want to study abroad is accommodation fees.

Students can stay in rented houses, university dormitories and private dormitories. Due to the limited number of dormitories, most of the students stay in rented houses. The rent of a 2-3 room house is approximately 400-700 AZN. (Approximately 1600-2800TL). Houses are usually furnished, natural gas is available.

Internet fees are affordable, and Turkish channels can be watched with TV packages at affordable prices. Food and beverage prices are approximately the same as in Turkey. On average, a student can make a living with 500-600 AZN (2000-2400 TL) per month.

Food and Beverage Expenses

After education and accommodation fees, another important expense for students is food and beverage expenses.

Azerbaijani cuisine has many dishes in common with Turkish cuisine. The dishes are very rich in butter and spices. There are also Turkish restaurants that you can find almost everywhere in Baku. Azerbaijan, a country where you will never be deprived of Turkish food, is also very delicious and you can easily adapt to its taste.

In addition to Turkish and Azerbaijani cuisine, almost all world-famous fastfood restaurants are available in Baku. The monthly food and beverage expenses of a student living in Azerbaijan are around 150-200 AZN.

A meal in fast-food restaurants costs around 3-4 AZN. For coffee lovers, coffee prices are around 2-3 AZN.

When we look at the markets in Azerbaijan, we can list the prices of basic food products as follows:

1 loaf of bread: AZN 0,40
1 dozen eggs: 2 AZN
1 kg chicken wings: 5,60 AZN
1 kg apple: 1,25 AZN
1 l milk: 1.6 AZN
1 kg cheese: 6 AZN
1 kg onion: 0.65 AZN
1 kg potatoes: 0.8 AZN
1 kg tomato: 1.5 AZN
1 kg orange: 2,2 AZN
1 kg banana: 2.4 AZN
1.5 l water: 0.8 AZN
1 AZN is approximately 4 Turkish Lira.

Compared to grocery and restaurant prices in Turkey, life in Azerbaijan is much more affordable compared to Turkey, European countries and countries such as the USA, Canada and the UK.

Transportation Expenses

In Baku, Azerbaijan, car use is very common due to the affordable gasoline prices. In addition, buses and metro are used as public transportation vehicles. The metro network in Baku is quite wide and this network is being expanded day by day. Likewise, there is a bus service that provides transportation to every point of the city. The card system known as “Bakıkart” is used in all subways and some of the buses.

In some buses, cash is accepted. Transportation fares in Baku are very affordable. Regardless of the distance, the public transportation fare is “30 qepik” (approximately 0.90 TL) in metro and buses. Taxi fares are also very affordable compared to Turkey.

Other Expenses

In addition to the above-mentioned basic expenses, we can also list the prices of some products and services that are important for university students:

Monthly internet fee: AZN 26
Monthly water, gas and electricity bill (average): 80 AZN
1 minute prepaid phone charge: AZN 0.5
Movie ticket 7 AZN
Monthly gym membership: 60 AZN

The monthly cost of a student in Azerbaijan is around AZN 600-700 including accommodation, food and beverage expenses and cultural activities. Considering the cost of education, living costs and the quality of education to be received, it is more affordable to study in Azerbaijan than in European countries and the USA, and even more affordable than studying in a foundation country in Turkey.

Azerbaijan Climate

The country has a mild continental climate, so the best time to visit is in spring. Spring and fall are the best time to visit the country because the summer heat is quite oppressive. Winters are quite long, harsh and rainy in the high parts of the country.

What to Buy from Azerbaijan?

Your loved ones will expect gifts from you upon your return from your trip and of course you will want to buy and keep a few things in memory of your trip. The country’s fondness for arts and crafts is also seen here. The famous hand-woven rugs and copper-engraved pitchers and vessels reflect the history and culture of the country.

Do not complete your trip without buying a hand-woven rug or a copper pot or pitcher for yourself and your loved ones.

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